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During the Yom Kippur, dozens of the supposedly Jewish Ethiopian immigrants demonstrated before the prime minister’s office, demanded more benefits.

in Wadi Ara. In purposeful violation of Yom Kippur – obligatory for all residents of Eretz Israel – Arabs launched motor racing on a highway. When the police tried to stop them, the Arabs pelted the police with stones.
In what other country Jews can be attacked with similar impunity?

against Arab rioters. Livni’s government “won’t allow citizens to take justice into their hands.” Perhaps the government wants to do something about justice itself? No – Dichter, too, promised to lock up “the inciters” – presumably, those Jews who organized self-defense against rioting Arabs. Hundreds of policemen deployed in Acre to stop Jews and Arabs who throw stones at each other.
For many years, Acre hadn’t seen such police presence despite its status of an Israeli Gaza. In Acre, Arabs push Jews out of neighborhoods, sell drugs openly, and engage in rampant violent crime, often against elderly Jews.

The Labor MK ultra-left Shelly Yakimovic joined forces with haredi Minister of Industry (yeah, an oxymoron) Eli Yishai to bring charges against the management of AM:PM chain which employed Jews on Yom Kippur. None of them was bothered by the fact that Jewish law prohibits Jews and non-Jews, even animals from working on Yom Kippur. Shelly is concerned over the violation of labor law which rather illiberally bans Jewish employment on religious holidays.

A 16-year-old terrorist tried to stub Border Police at the Cave of the Patriarchs. With some risk to themselves, the soldiers overpowered the Arab instead of simply killing him in self-defense. The Palestinian, without Jewish blood on his hands, would be out of jail in the next prisoner exchange.

After Olmert’s visit to Moscow and relinquishing a major land plot in Jerusalem to Russians, their Foreign Ministry commented on the expected sale of S-300 SAM batteries to Syria and Iran.
The statement included two qualifications. One is that Russians don’t sell advanced weapons to problematic regions. Iran, however, is not considered a problematic region in Russia. Two, Russia supplies advanced weapons to maintain the balance of power. Certainly, Iran needs S-300 to maintain balance of power with Israel’s offensive capabilities, especially after Israel purchased F-35 aircraft.
Contrary to the jolly opinions expressed in Israeli media, Russians seem to confirm the sale of S-300 to Iran and Syria.

Arabs staged a small riot in the capital near Pat junction. In the eternal Jewish capital, they loudly insulted Jews and stoned their cars.

Maariv reports that hours before the attack of June 25, 2006 at Keren Shalom crossing to Gaza, Shabak passed to IDF the information of the impending attack. The information was disregarded as generic.

NY Times’ sources in IAEA reveal that an unnamed Russian physicist provided critical assistance to Iran with experiments on detonating nuclear weapons.
On a separate note, it’s probably too late to stop Iran’s nuclear program. The 3,000 centrifuges have certainly enriched enough uranium for several micro-weapons, probably for a tactical one, as well. The assumptions of “enough” uranium presume that the ayatollahs need a 100kt bomb, which they don’t. A small 20kt bomb, even 5kt one with advanced Russian design needs very little uranium and can perfectly wipe out Tel Aviv.

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