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Security services banned Jewish members of leftist Physicians for Human Rights from entering Gaza. One Shalit is enough.

Two Bahreini pilots studying in Jordan flight school arrested after repeated attempts at flying into Israel.

EU rep in Israel announced Olmert’s interview which accepted full withdrawal to the 1956 borders “a reference point” for future negotiations with Arab enemies.

Samantha Power, an ultra-leftist crackpot was Barack Obama’s long-time adviser on foreign policy. She was forced to resign after using obscene words in reference to Hillary Clinton. Samantha remains very close to Hussein Obama. During the time of being his adviser, she recorded a video with her take on Israel. Reportedly, Hussein Obama knew about the video and did not object to Samantha’s stance.
Besides the anti-Semitic remarks about Jewish cabal in America, Samantha called for building “mammoth military force” in Palestine, financed with American money so that Palestinians can use “dreadful… undemocratic” measures against Israel.

Obama’s advisers on Israel, including anti-Semites Brzezinski and Lake, advocate similar attitude toward Jews.

Yediot Aharonot reveals that East Germany sent MiG-21 planes with German crews to fight Israel on behalf of Syria in 1973. The Germans had a hard time living without a Holocaust for almost three decades.

as we initially expected. More observations from the Voice of Judea:
“Ironically, the more the police leak information about the Sternhell incident the more obvious it is becoming that the perpetrators have nothing to do with the nationalist camp. For example, the flyer that was allegedly left on the scene does not have the traditional “beEzrat Hashem” marking on the top of the page. Also, the name of the group that supposedly took credit, refers to themselves as the “Mamlachti” brigade, a term that is anathema to any hardcore right wing nationalist.”

When Arabs have a crisis, Jewish enemy comes to their collective mind.

Leftist “human rights” groups petitioned the Supreme Court to end the IDF’s recent policy of expelling the African migrants back to Egypt on the spot.
Theoretically, the soldiers are supposed to question the migrants to confirm they are not political refugees. In practice, they don’t speak each other’s language.
Every single country of the world closed its border to Jewish refugees during Holocaust, and now we’re supposed to take in the entire Africa.

IDF reached an agreement with UNIFIL to withdraw from the village of Ghajar on the border with Lebanon. The border runs through the village. All Alawite residents of the village have Israeli citizenship.
Unlike Israel, Russia chose to protect its citizens in South Osetia.

A friend of the BMW terrorist who run over Jewish soldiers in Jerusalem with his car is indicted for purchasing a gun to kill a few more Jews.
The nutty court remanded the Arab to house arrest so that he can flee to safety in Jordan.

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