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report Yediot Aharonot, Jerusalem Post. Italian government has a long-standing policy of appeasing PLO and PLFP: in return for them not killing Italians, the government turns a blind eye to their operations.
Italy’s UNIFIL troops in Lebanon entered into a similar agreement with Hezbollah.

Russia issued a standard communique praising economic relations between the two countries and refused to abandon sales of S-300 SAM batteries to Syria and Iran. Medvedev, a Jew, also refused further UN sanctions on Iran.
Israel got a sop of a joint commission with Russia which would discuss Russian weapons sales to Arab regimes. The discussion will have no practical relevance.

lowers interest rate by a huge 0.5% in what is probably a vain effort to curtail the spill-off of the American crisis. Israel’s real estate is overvalued just like the American one, and many mortgages are bad.

Livni was forming the government with Meretz and Arab parties, but without Shas.
How stupid are the Israelis who ousted Olmert, only to get – predictably! – Livni’s government with Arabs and Meretz. Even Peres and Rabin governments weren’t that bad.

Russian charity of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) presented Jerusalem municipality with a statue of King David made in the fashion typical of Slavic heroes. The municipality placed the abomination on Mount Zion where Russian priests duly sanctified the idol.

Hamas expanded its labor policy into the illegal tunnels under the Gazan border with Egypt. Now the tunnel owners must provide their smugglers with electric light there.

to start the semester. Short of that payment, the racketeers would leave 150,000 students on the street.

Petah Tikva traffic court sentenced one Maxim Kaplinski to $150 fine for hit-and-run traffic accident. Kaplinsky’s 14-year-old victim is alive.
The crazy and ignorant judge explained the absurd sentence with the spirit of High Hoidays which call for forgiveness.

Currently, more than 15,000 Syrian troops stand ready for crossing into Lebanon. The Syrian pretext is “countering the smugglers.”
As Rabbi Kahane used to say, it would be wonderful to have peace between Jews and Arabs; meanwhile, we’re to see peace between Arabs and Arabs.

October 2008
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