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What a show of hypocrisy. France, which slaughtered millions in Algiers and Indochina just recently, tells Jews how to treat the aborigines.

NATO chief announced his uncertainty over the capability of ending the Iranian nuclear program militarily. If the bloc cannot take on meager Iran with ramshackle army, who can it fight?

Jewish Council for Education & Research launched a promo video for Hussein Obama which includes interviews with Israeli defense officials who ostensibly praise Obama. In fact, their words were cut of of context, and none of them endorsed the Hussein.
Jewish liberals support Obama to have an excuse for capitulating to Iran and Palestinians.

Egypt, a normal country, blocked Palestinian supporters from entering Gaza illegally with their humanitarian cargo.
Israel, a country less than normal, allows leftists to sail into Gaza.

The figure is cited in the petition Jewish leftists and some Palestinians filed against the State of Israel for her failure to evict Jewish pioneers from the illegal outpost of Migron.
If leftists win the case, normal Jews would have the way open to suing the government over similar inaction against Palestinian squatters on private Jewish land.

IDF allowed 3,000 Palestinians to cross the separation barrier into Israel to harvest the oil trees they claim theirs.

The Galilee’s Kol Rega radio took Jews for Jesus ad off the air. The ad should not be there in the first place, as proselytizing violates Israeli law.
Jews for Obama, Jews for Jesus…

Efraim Sneh’s Strong Israel party promises religious equality to all strains of Judaism, down to the Reform nihilists, and promises equal marriage opportunities of Jews-by-great-grandfather whom halachic Jews refuse to marry.
Efraim’s father, Israel’s top communist Moshe Sneh was similarly bizarre during his lifetime. His largest surprise came out after his death. In his testament, Moshe Sneh declared atheism nonsense and commanded his son Efraim to recite kaddish funeral prayer annually.

Israel’s average salary is $2,400 a month. Hevrat Hashmal and Mekorot (power and water monopolies) sport the wages 2.5 times the national average; the difference is still larger for their superfluous office personnel. Both companies base their monopolistic position on the British-era legislation.
The touted Israeli agriculture is inefficient as always, with average salary of $1,600.
More than 20,000 Arabs work in Israel legally, and 5-10 times that much – illegally. To do away with terrorism, Israel need not tanks: it is enough to stop hiring terrorists. Without the income from Israel, the West Bank wuld be depopulated in the matter of years.

Haifa court acquitted three Jews who distributed leaflets with praise toward heroic actions of Israeli soldier Natan Zadah. During the disengagement, he allegedly shot a number of Arabs in a bus, and was lynched by the Arab mob. Other accounts suggest that Natan Zadah was shooting in self-defense.
The Jews were charged with incitement to riot. There is no freedom of speech in Israel, certainly not for Jews.

Lockheed Martin’s chief of the F-35 aircraft development touts those jets as Israel’s ultimate defense against S-300 anti-aircraft batteries. The stupidity is awful.
The F-35 – S-300 computer simulation were run only with the export version of S-300; Russian native version is much stronger.
Russia is ready to supply Syria and Iran S-400 SAM, which can efficiently target F-35.
Israel might receive the first deliveries of F-35 in 2014, probably later. By that time, Russians would surely develop adequate SAMs.

Naji Nazzal, the leader of Al Quds Brigades of Palestinian Islamic Jihad was captured near Schem, in the Fatah-occupied territory.

In the recent days, Georgians detonated IEDs near Russian troops in Tshinvali and on the road, and shot a border policeman in Abkhazia.
The Georgians take a big gamble: the Russian might flee the terror, or they might stay and fight it.

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