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Russian Compound, JerusalemIsraeli government will vote today on transferring a prime Jerusalem real estate property to the KGB state because some tsarist charity bought it in the nineteenth century. Olmert visits Moscow today, and so the vote’s outcome is certain: the government feels it needs a gesture toward Moscow to gain support for some more useless sanctions against Iran.

After Russia agreed to deliver S-300 anti-missile defense to Syria on the board of Russian Navy stationed in the Syrian port of Tartus and blocked sanctions against Iran, Israel really needs to gratify it.
The property transfer opens the way to myriad similar claims: in the nineteenth century, everyone but the Jews owned properties in Jerusalem and Israel.

As just everything else in his political career, his leaving it was also fake.

The IAEA meeting was expected to deal with North Korea, Syria, and Iran – which, the IAEA announced, runs nuclear program. Instead, the Arab members of IAEA pushed a demand to inspect Israeli nuclear facilities.
The incident illustrates the difference between justice and justness. Theoretically, Israel should open her nuclear stocks to IAEA, but practically there is no reason for her do so so.

in Hebron, elsewhere in Judea-Samaria as part of beefing up Palestinian police forces. Jews want to delude themselves that Fatah can crack down on Hamas which is posed to take over in February 2009 after Abbas’ presidential term expires.

SakhninSakhnin Arab mayor, other prominents called to resisting what they see as Israeli occupation.

ICRC representatives deliver food, gifts to terrorist inmates even though Hamas refuses them reciprocal access to Cpl.Shalit.
ICRC visits are historically conditioned on reciprocity. In WWII, Soviet Union and Germany refused the ICRC to visit each other’s POWs.
ICRC can only visit POWs and civilians, but not criminals such as terrorists. Neither Israel, nor any Western country recognizes the Palestinian terrorists as POWs. In legal theory, terrorists are not soldiers and cannot be POWs.
During Holocaust, ICRC silently accepted the German definition of Jews, even Jewish POWs as criminals and did nothing whatsoever for them until the late 1944 when the Swiss began to build an alibi for themselves.

to cope with its drought.
How comes the Jews were never offered aid despite many droughts here, including the very same one which affects Syria?

Caravans in Judea and SamariaThe Council of Settlements announced 50,000 increase in the Jewish population of Judea and Samaria during Olmert’s prime ministership. In 2008 alone, the settlements welcomed 15,000 Jews, four times Israeli average increase.
Due to the leftists’ restrictions, only 400 houses were built this year in the settlements. This figure makes the 15,000 one suspect. Quite possible, the Council beefs up the population increase.

pipe bombIDF caught an Arab with two pipe bombs at a roadblock near Schem, one of those which the world pushes us to dismantle.

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