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Both VP candidates voiced support for a two-state solution: a Palestinian state in the core Jewish areas of Judea and Samaria plus an Arab-infested beachside Israel.

Syria refused IAEA inspectors entrance to its three nuclear-related sites, claims such visits might jeopardize Syria’s military secrets. That’s what IAEA inspections are all about.

Deployed in the Negev, the radar is meant to warn Israel of Iran’s nuclear strike – but also inform the US of the wide range of Israeli activities. Barak ushes for installing the X-Band radar as he rules out Israeli strike on Iran and wants us to live (?) with the Iranian nuclear threat.

Security forces joined leftists to protect Arab squatters near Hazon David outpost, Hebron area. Good Jews tried to prevent the political show of “olive harvest,” and police even arrested some leftists for attacking the normal Jews.

Representatives of Im Tirzu (If you desire it) arrived in Niilin area to deliver small gifts to Border Police troops who defend the construction barrier for months against Arab and leftist hooligans. The hooligans then attacked the normal Jews, at which point scores of them got arrested.

Daniella Weiss, a respected ex-mayor of Kdumim settlement, was remanded to house arrest on charges of assaulting police officers. The cynicism is incredible: the aged woman allegedly attacked hardened and armed policemen.
Israeli police routinely bring charges of assault against conservative activists, down to teenage girls.

Egyptians discovered substantial oil and gas reserves in Jemsa, near Gulf of Suez. Israel captured that area after the victorious Yom Kippur war, and must have held it as the western-most part of the Promised Land, a good land with oil, gas, and uranium.
Instead, Jews gave away Sinai to Egyptians and now wail over the lack of oil.
In another incident, Barak abandoned a viable offshore gas field near Ashkelon to Arafat so that poor Palestinians can have a self-sufficient economy.

in 2008. The water level in Israel’s water source decreases continuously for years, and now stands just three feet above the no-pumping black line.
Israel dutifully supplies water to Jordan, Gaza, the West Bank Arabs, and leftist kibbutzim. Unlike the leftists, many right-wing farmers in the settlements do not qualify for Israeli water subsidies and pay at the full commercial prices.

Justice Ministry demands that Israeli Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar stops the trickle of foreign conversions. Rabbi Amar converts less than 50 foreigners annually who have no intention of emigrating to Israel. Justice Ministry is ostensibly concerned with those mere dozens of conversions spiking a diplomatic crisis: theoretically, Israel’s actions are similar to Russia offering its passports to Osetians. The concern is absurd, and in any case anyone who honestly wants to become Jewish should have all gates open before him.

to be announced. Haniye will not take part in the presidential elections, possibly because he’s too controversial while Hamas needs the West’s formal approval. But the move could be also related to the recent coup where younger militant leaders took hold of the Hamas supreme council.

in the Middle East. The two 1,300ft antennas are constructed near the Dimona reactor.
Israel learns to live with nuclear Iran.

so that every Israeli can work as taxi driver in Brooklyn.

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