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The Lockheed Martin will deliver Israel 25 F-35 planes, the first export sale of the aircraft. The jets are too expensive for the US Air Force which severely cut back on its prior orders, and lack an adequate air opponent. At $70 million a piece, the jets are too expensive to risk them. Russia claims F-35 is vulnerable to both S-300 and S-400 SAM batteries. Inexpensive Russian aircraft would more than suffice for ny Israeli battle needs.
The deal’s value is oddly stated at $15 bn, which doesn’t match 25 planes by $70 million or even the potential sale of 75 planes. The $15 bn figure is too high even if it includes C-130 cargo aircraft.
The F-35 are touted as the worst-case aircraft. Capable of vertical and short-range take-off, they can be used when Israeli airways are bombed. The 25 of them, however, lack that capability and Israel’s reason for purchasing them is unclear – unless Jews decided to bail out the overexpensive American program for a commission.
The planes won’t be delivered soon, and cannot be used to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Days ago, Palestinians claimed Israeli settlers killed a poor shepherd – which would not be too odd, given the fact how the Arabs bug Jews.
Israeli police concluded the 19-year-old freedom-loving Palestinian played with grenade. He lost the game.

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