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The notorious Arab Israeli MK Tibi had an extensive meeting with Syrian foreign minister in New York.

As Israeli government mulls abandoning Shebaa Farms, the last piece of contention between Israel and Lebanon-Hezbollah entity, the terrorist clerics search for pretexts to continue the fight. One cleric declared Hezbollah must liberate former Shiite villages in Galilee. Now Nasrallah reiterated the commitment of his terrorist organization to liberate the entire Palestine from Jews.

Until a couple of weeks ago, the International Atomic Energy Agency denied that Iran runs nuclear program. German paper Sueddeutsche Zeitung quotes IAEA chief Baradei to the effect that *a number* of countries are very close to nuclear weapons. They have enriched uranium and the necessary technology to make nuclear bomb in a few months. Iran is among them.
We can surmise that the other countries are both civilized ones (Switzerland, Japan, Germany), the third world (South Korea, Brazil), and Arab (Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Libya).

During the debates, both presidential candidates ruled out nuclear Iran as a grave danger to Israel. When elected, none of them would move a finger to do anything of significance about that threat, Obama even less likely than McCain. There’s at least some hope that McCain would agree to the Israeli strike on Iran, something which Obama with Brzezinski and Lane as his advisers will definitely reject.

Israel suffered another blow in the UN as Arab enemies forced a UNSC debate over her settlements in the Palestinian-occupied territories. Though the meeting was largely declarative, the Arabs venting their Jew-hatred, it again misrepresented the peace problem as depending on Israeli settlement activity rather than on the Arab hatred.
Israel consistently loses chances to turn the tables on Arabs in the UN. When Saudi Arabia bans Christian worship and all Arab states severely restrict citizenship for non-Arabs, Israel has to be on diplomatic offensive and continuously indict Muslims of violating international laws and crimes against humanity.

Jerusalem Post runs an article on anti-Semitic propaganda in the US textbooks from elementary school up. There, Jesus is called “a young Palestinian,” terrorism in the pre-state Palestine is associated with Jews rather than Arabs, and Arabs presented as a peace-loving crowd on the background of intolerant Jews. Many common anti-Semitic canards are also documented.

Vaticana first Jew to ever speak there publicly. Catholics, on other hand, continuously press their demands on Jerusalem properties and stage here many events plainly offensive to Jewish owners of the city.

in the case of Shalit.
Well, Mr. Defense Minister, but we are afraid of your tough decision. One Jewish sergeant from a leftist family is not worth hundreds of Jew-murderers.

No agreement was reached even on resolution, and Russian FM announced that in any case there would be no new sanctions against the nuclear-loving Muslim nation.

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