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Four brave Palestinian enemies in two cars and bulldozer tried to break the barrier and run over the Jewish soldiers at a checkpoint near Maale Levona. In a sign of Jewish insanity and fear of leftist justice, the soldiers shot in the air and arrested the Arabs rather than shooting them.

Mohammed Abu-Sneineh is a model of good Arab: an affluent resident of Israel, he owns a shop near Herod’s Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Mohammed, now arrested, organized a terrorist cell which killed two Israeli policemen, wounded another two, and planned for more attacks.
Mohammed’s father was one of the 1,150 Arab terrorists exchanged in 1985 by Peres-Rabin government for three Israeli soldiers. Unlike Olmert, Peres and Rabin released scores of terrorists up to their neck in Jewish blood – such as Mohammed’s father.

By refusing the (worthless) talks, Russia retaliated against an American client (Israel) for the American support of its another client, Georgia.

of his employer’s family. In 2006, Anwar Ahdush murdered David Ben-Hamo and his 8-year-old daughter whose house the Arab was renovating.

which gathered following the car terrorist attack. Policemen on horses and motorcycles dispersed the crowd to prevent retaliatory damage to Arabs.

and will be producing plutonium for nuclear weapons in a few months. There is no doubt that North Korea got a cash offer for its nukes.
IAEA removed seals and surveillance equipment from the reactor area.
The world’s hysteria over the North Korean nuclear program verges on idiocy. The program should be properly ended with a single ballistic missile.

The Annual Report on International Religious Freedom accuses ultra-Orthodox Jews of significantly increasing the number and severity of attacks on messianic in Israel.
The haredim‘ actions still fall short of what the Jewish law prescribes for apostates.

Israeli space program’s budget is just $100 million a year.

Arab birth rate in Israel decreases to 3.9, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Despite massive donations from the EU, the participants clamor for donations, alleging $300,000 debt from the previous sail.
They should be properly arrested for border breach and delivered to Israeli jail as common criminals, which they in fact are.

September 2008
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