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Ehud Olmert is the best PM Israel had in the last twenty years, the only one since Shamir’s second term who gave nothing to Arabs and torpedoed the peace process. Olmert quietly bombed Syria, pounded Hezbollah, refrained from the urban fight in Gaza. He steadfastly refused releasing any significant Arab prisoners (Kuntar and the likes had already served decades-long sentences), and in fact under his leadership Israel increased the number of Palestinian terrorists in jail. Olmert didn’t dismantle any of the important Jewish outposts, and steadily issued permits to beef up the settlements. He presided over the most robust economy in decades.
Ehud Olmert is by far the smartest Israeli politician since Ben Gurion. He is definitely more honest than Barak, Lieberman, and Netanyahu who profited openly from their government connections. The minor irregularities attributed to Olmert are common in any government throughout the world. Olmert is just another victim of the witch hunt culture; Rabin also had to step down amid the unfounded allegations of financial irregularities.
Betrayed by the silly right and hunted by the evil left, Ehud Olmert resigned – and good Jews are better be sorry.

Both sides accuse each other of not living up to the ceasefire agreement. Israel complains of arms smuggling and terror activity, Hamas – of the closed major border crossings. The problems stem from the absence of a ceasefire agreement: there was a general understanding which each side understood differently.
Hamas’ increasingly tough stance on Shalit exchange refutes the expectations of the terrorist group’s near-term moderation.

In the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed, Abbas accepted that “physical separation of our two peoples [becomes] increasingly impossible.” This is obvious: neither Israel can exist as an eight-mile-wide state, not Palestine as a patchwork of villages. Evacuation of militant Jewish settlements such as Kiryat Arba or Yitzhar is next to impossible. So we have to expel the Palestinians.

nears the point of no return. Afterwards, Israeli strike won’t stop it because enough of enriched uranium would be hidden elsewhere.
Israeli Military Intelligence (AMAN) also noted that Syria busily strengthens its ties with Iran. Both countries support Hezbollah and Hamas.
The realists among us count on faith, and for the rest the future seems bleak.

September 2008
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