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shortly, and Livni starts subverting the government. The ultra-right-turned-ultra-left madam offered coalition partnership to the dregs of Israeli politics, Meretz communist party. Livni told Shas, a religious party, that she doesn’t need it in the government.

The only good thing about Livni’s coup is that many Israelis detest the crooked way she got the power: through primaries rather than elections. Livni has also lost the future votes of Sephardi Jews disgruntled by her maltreatment of Shaul Mofaz, a Sephardi candidate. By the time of general elections the next year, voters may get disenchanted with the empty Tzipi whose only advantage is that she did nothing worthy of mention, critical or otherwise. And that is actually untrue: Livni has pulled no less dirty tricks than other bureaucrats. For example, while a minister of absorption, she hired her close friend Mirla Gal as the ministry’s general director.

The state comptroller already investigates the numerous irregularities in Kadima primaries. Many people were recruited into the party with the only goal of voting in primaries for this or that candidate. There are allegations of Livni staff’ bribing exit pollsters to report her victory on the day of primaries to discourage Mofaz’ voters from wasting time going to polling booths.

How can Jews be called smart when the entire country, ultra-right to ultra-left, hunted down Olmert in order to replace him with Livni? Where will be find another realistically electable politician with Olmert credentials, the man who attacked Hezbollah on the first provocation (unlike Barak and the others), presided over the economy more robust than Netanyahu’s, declined populist calls to invade Gaza so that IDF would stuck in urban fights, bombed Syrian nuclear reactor despite opposition of his defense minister, and unlike every other Israeli prime minister in the last twenty years gave nothing whatsoever to Palestinians?

with Ramadan services. Israeli government bars Jews from praying at the Temple Mount always, even on the High Holidays, lest we offend the Muslims.

Khamenei denounced Ahmadinejad’s critics among politicians. The critics disagree with Ahmadinejad’s economic policies. All of them support his anti-Israeli stance, and almost all – Iran’s nuclear program. Khamenei has veto power over all political decisions, including the unlikely impeachment of Ahmadinejad.
Western government prefer to see the domestic criticism of Ahmadinejad in rosy tones, as a sign of the soon demise of Iranian nuclear program. In thus procrastinating, they avoid destroying Iranian nuclear facilities.
Shimon Peres, Israel’s greatest security and moral hazard, opposes strike on Iran. No surprise from a man who instrumented rapprochement between Israel and post-Nazi Germany.

Earlier, North Korea refused to allow verification of its nuclear disarmament, leading the US to refuse rescinded its status of a state sponsor of terror. Now the Koreans announced they no longer want the status rescinded, and proceeded to rebuild the nuclear facilities.
North Korea’s moves are attributable to its holier-than-pope leadership. The Korean leader Kim is down with a stroke, and the country is ruled by his mistress secretary and top bureaucrats who are now trying to show off their communist zeal.
North Korea’s de-nuclearization was fake to begin with. That country needs three to eight months to restart the suspended facilities. Then, cash-starved North Korea will proceed to sell nukes to the bidders.

Moscow municipality placed an order for the fourth belt highway around the city. A 2.2-mile section of the road would cost $2.6 billion. Though the project involves a considerable amount of flyovers and peripheral roads, its cost is about one hundred times higher than similar projects in Western Europe. A mile of Russian highway costs twice as much as a mile of underground hadron collider recently launched in Switzerland.

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