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Less than 30% of the 74,000 Kadima members took part in the primaries today. They essentially elected a prime minister for the entire country. The voter turnout is disproportionally strong in Arab neighborhoods. The primaries are marred by allegations of voter bribery by Shaul Mofaz, which is entirely believable.
Hardly any prime minister in Israeli history stepped down as his term expired; almost all of them resigned amid various scandals. Like Olmert, Rabin was ousted from the office on the corruption charges: his wife kept an undeclared foreign bank account with then large amount of $2,000.
The current round of fake elections underscores the need for switching from proportional (country-wide) to majoritarian (regional) elections: voting for personalities rather than party lists of blank candidates.

The car bombs left 16 dead, including six terrorists. Predictably, not a single American was wounded as the bombs went off near the embassy’s gate.

Of course, and also for the WTC bombing and Lehman Brothers failure. Since 1948, Palestinian economy enjoys the fastest growth of all non-oil Arab economies because it parasitizes on Israel. In the Arab world, 99% of exports and a comparable proportion of GDP is oil-related.
After destroying the Latin American economies with its recommendations, the World Bank would do well to be more thoughtful. Perhaps there is something wrong with Arabs rather than Jews?

Dozens of the evicted families are offered to build a news settlement in Lachish, an area dear to Israeli green. There is plenty of area for settlements in other places, but the government doesn’t want it an easy way.

to break from Cyprus into Gaza despite Israeli blockade on September 22. The thugs would be arrested if try to cross the border illegally into any other country, but Israel tolerates their criminal behavior.
During its rule here, Britain had no qualms shooting at the boats with Jewish illegal migrants, but Jews are holier than pope.

“Don’t steal little: it won’t suffice to hire a good attorney” must be a motto of the US financial circles. Bush Administration bailed out AIG insurer for $85 billion dollars. Huge companies are not allowed to fail, and therefore underwrite higher risks than small companies, and receive higher profits, and grow still bigger. Shareholders take profits for decades, and in the end taxpayers shoulder losses.
AIG went down over its criminal behavior: it insured what cannot be potentially insured, the risky financial instruments. Home mortgages are risky in themselves, the US-style zero-downpayment no-credit-check loans are suicidally risky, and their financial derivatives are somewhat less secure than casino stakes. It took no more than a basic calculation to realize that AIG will go bankrupt in any mortgage crisis.
Insurance companies such as AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are largely responsible for the US mortgage bubble: without the conceivably bullet-proof insurance, investors won’t have flocked to the obviously overheated sector. Those fraudulent insurers reshaped the highly risky market into conservative.

Ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionists took the lead from anarchists.

The government decided to subsidize foreign child adoption by Israeli parents, though there are many orphans in Israel.

lest they be smuggled into the Ivory Coast. Just why should we care about that? Israel keeps abandoning profitable export markets for imagined humanitarian reasons. Would it be any better if the Africans smuggle Russian or Chinese weapons?

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