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The spiritual leader of South African Blacks is concerned with Israel’s shelling of the terrorist nest in Beit Hanun, the place he would not find on map – that is, if he knows what a map is.
When all the Jewish liberals of America were fighting apartheid, Rabbi Meir Kahane was the only loud voice which called to support South Africa, the world’s only regime friendly to Israel. Rabbi Kahane predicted that once Blacks take the power in South Africa, that country would turn extremely hostile to Israel. As usual, Kahane was right.

No, Mr. Prime Minister, we’re not. Indeed, we’re happy that those murderers fled our land. And so thought Ben Gurion and every Zionist leader, however left.
Olmert’s remark is certainly coordinated with Abbas who wants a declaration from Israel on solving the refugees problem.

Hamas besieged Doghmush clan neighborhood in Gaza City after the clan member killed Hamas policeman. Eight Dughmushes are dead in the fighting, as well as two Arab civilians.Unlike in the case of Israeli shootings, no one is concerned with the accidental killing of a Gazan teen.

After Iran disregarded all the previous sanctions, France and the US push for new ones, equally useless. At the same time, American refuses Israel GBU-28 bunker buster bombs for attacking Natanz.
The idea of sanctions is ridiculous. Iran lost much more money when the market price of oil dropped to $91 per barrel than from all the sanctions combined.
Not content with some Jews having escaped the Holocaust, the world takes its time to give Iran a chance.

Hisham al-Labadani, Mashaal’s deputy in Syria, was dragged out of his car and shot. That doesn’t sound like a Mossad operation.
Hamas rejected the reports.

in Sinai and smuggle them into Gaza. The two terrorist groups don’t normally cooperate. Israeli, Egyptians security services search for the cell.

Due to budgetary constraints, the active tank defense system will not be installed for at least another two years, though both Hamas and Hezbollah stocked plenty of anti-tank missiles.

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