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Nasrallah announced that peace in the Middle East cannot reign while Israel exists. His opinion is irrelevant but hints at Hezbollah’ searching a pretext for continuing to fight Israel after she relinquishes Shebaa farms, the last disputed area, to Lebanon.
Nasrallah, of course, is silly. Israel obviously has little to do with numerous intra-Muslim conflicts, such as Syria-Lebanon, Iran-Iraq, Syria-Jordan, Egypt-Oman, Iraq-Kuwait, etc.

US Consul General Walles said that Israeli-Palestinian talks on Jerusalem are an ongoing matter. Israeli government officials furiously protested the disclosure but not its substance. Walles also related Rice’s demand for pre-1967 borders – which even Ben Gurion and Rabin have rejected.
Walles’ disclosure is really no news. Rabin, Barak, Netanyahu, and Olmert all agreed to substantially the same plan.
The current plan is worst of all as it would place the Temple Mount under international jurisdiction. We can eventually throw out Muslims from there, but hardly the UN reps.

The prime minister confirmed he would step down immediately after Kadima primaries.
Olmert was the only prime minister in the last twenty years who gave Arabs nothing whatsoever. He thrashed Hezbollah, bombed Syria, and refrained from re-occupying Gaza.

A former convict, Shas candidate for Jerusalem mayor Deri announced his support for multiculturalism in Jerusalem, including homosexual events.

in a near-breach of diplomatic relations. Chavez was evidently encouraged by the increased Russian support, and so Venezuela might become the modern-day Cuba: it already hosts Russian nuclear-armed bombers.
The US can easily break Chavez government by refusing to buy oil from Venezuela.

who earlier pelted Israelis with stones near Naalin. An 11-year-old boy was killed weeks ago with plastic bullet.
When he was a defense minister, Rabin ordered the army to break hands and legs of young Palestinian rioters.
And just what we’re supposed to do?

to cope with the drought. Sanctions aside, a billion-dollar order is too good to refuse.

Abu Nidal’s bookkeeper requested $2 million transfer from the terrorist organization’s bank account in Austria to the Arab Bank in Jordan. Austrian court decided to unfreeze the terrorist group’s bank account.

Egyptian government asked Bush Administration to supply 6900 TOW guided anti-tank missiles. Such a massive quantity can only be used against Israeli tanks, since no other hostile army in the region possesses a reasonable number of tanks.

Israeli settlers attacked IDF roadblock near the settlement of Talmon after the soldiers continuously bugged the inhabitants of outposts and repeatedly refused to curb the Arab violence.
In another incident, Jewish settlers at Yad Yair outpost repelled an army onslaught; IDF tried to destroy their homes.

after no progress was reached on replacing them with OECD observers.
Russia returned to its Cold War tactics of agreeing to anything but torpedoing the agreements on technicalities.

the Nineveh province. There is no Jonah to save them now.
Curiously, Israel’s is the only army which shrinks from blowing mosques. On many occasions, Israelis accepted great risks storming the mosques instead of blowing them together with terrorists who barricaded there.

Polls show the support for Livni at 47% while the security professionals Avi Dichter and Meir Sheetrit got just 6-8%.
During the Iranian debacle, who can wish for Livni as she is still proud of ending the Lebanon war with indecisive ceasefire and worthless UN troops?

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