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Armed with a knife, the 19-year-old Arab was seeking a Jewish target.

so that Jews can celebrate Rosh Hashanah without terrorists. The two nations are evidently ready for peaceful coexistence, huh.

Two far right-wing parties than doubled their previous representation. Neturei Karta voiced support for them – and might not be altogether wrong. Sensing the return of the traditional anti-Semitism to Europe, Neturei Karta rabbis try to save at least some Jews by keeping working relations with the oppressors. That way, the rabbinical leaders of Satmar movement escaped the Hungarian Holocaust.

All Israeli consulates except in Los Angeles operate without an outside flag, so as not to disturb the friendly Americans.

about unity government. So far, Abbas wants to stay a president after his term expires in four months, and Hamas vows to disregard his authority after that time.

who fled Iraq. During Holocaust, Sweden admitted legally not a single Jewish refugee.

US House of Representatives rejected the mammoth bailout bill which earmarks $700 billion initially but can balloon into trillions of dollars.
The House members recognize how unpopular the bill is among common Americans who don’t enjoy covering the losses of the Wall Street speculators. The House might pass the bill after the presidential elections, though, when concern about voters opinion fades.
Meanwhile, European banks continued their own meltdown.

Egyptian and Sudanese military with the support of Italian and German commandos released the 19 hostages kidnapped in Egypt and kept in Sudan.
After the kidnappers briefly entered Libyan territory, local authorities ordered them away without arresting them.
Many years ago, Israel was conducting spectacular rescue operations. Now the Egyptians rescue hostages, and Israel exchanges a thousand murderers for a Jewish corporal.

If true, the alliance is curious. Saudis don’t want Iranian influence in Syria and Lebanon, and taking Mughniye out is a natural thing for them.

instead of the American ones which are unrealiably and their supply vulnerable to US Administration’s whims.
Most countries ban these nice and efficient weapons.

This should not come as a surprise after Iran doctored its missile tests in Photoshop. Nor is the debacle too bizarre: Israel’s minister of science, an Arab, lacks even a high school diploma.

in a village east of Jerusalem. Border Police removed the flags under a hail of stones.
Israeli government lumps Arab villages east of Jerusalem together with the city’s quarters into “East Jerusalem” in order to abandon both simultaneously. Israeli public supports giving away Arab villages, and half the city goes in addition to them.

regardless of peace with Israel.

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