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Jeff Halper, a radical who sailed from Cyprus to Gaza, received Palestinian passport from Hamas authorities before entering Israel.

After reaching Gaza unimpeded, the leftists decided to step up the level of provocations. Israel can hardly let the 14 Palestinians leave Gaza as that would open a loophole in the blockade.
The foreign leftists deliberately chose media-friendly cases from Gaza: a professor, a woman who seeks to join her husbands, students with valid foreign visas, etc. It s indeed odd for Israel to hold the Arabs in Gaza when polls indicate that at least 30%, including 60% of the young want to emigrate permanently. Instead of allowing the place to depopulate by itself, Israel creates there a pressure cooker.
Israeli blockade doesn’t stop militants from leaving Gaza for Egypt, Iran, Jordan, etc. The blockade proved inefficient in forcing the Gaza population to dislodge Hamas.
The EU governmental institutions subsidize the organizers of the Free Gaza expedition which aimed at boosting the Hamas regime.

to placate both Americans, Georgians, and Russians.
Of course, residents of Sderot need no humanitarian aid. Months ago, the government allocated Holocaust survivors $20 each, citing strained budget.

Incited by Jewish and foreign ultra-leftists, Arabs protest border demarcation (separation barrier) for months. Niilin is a hub for illegal migration into Israel, where sometimes tens of thousands of illegal workers cross each day into Israel to be picked mostly by building contractors. Nilin villagers protest Israel closing the border loophole.

Lebanon is the major voice behind the right of return. Naturally, Lebanese don’t want the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians around.
During his visit to Beirut, Abbas promised to fight for the Palestinians’ return.

Adham Lubada of the peace-loving Fatah continued his trade of bomb-making in Schem.

despite Israel bowing down to every Russian demand, including the giveaway of major land plot in Jerusalem and ceding arms supply to Georgia.

in the wake of “Israeli threats.” After Hezbollah threatened major retaliation for Mughniye, Olmert announced that Israel would now treat the entire Lebanon as a proper target since Hezbollah controls Lebanese government.
The United States gives Egypt $1.4 billion a year in aid.

at 5.9%. Olmert’s results are better than Netanyahu’s.

Safuri, 20, and Khalil, 19 are exemplary Israeli citizens and good students. They assembled a cache of weapons and were preparing to murder various Jews they disliked.

After a quarrel with their company commander, 13 soldiers of the elite Givati Brigade left the army base. Their commander followed them to a bus stop, pleading with them to return. Unmoved, the soldiers took a bus to Tel Aviv. Thereafter, a battalion commander followed the bus on his army jeep and also pleaded, again to no avail.
The relations in Jewish army are uniquely friendly.

Such support discredits Russian claims that it supplies no weapons to the terrorist organizations.

Current German leaders were too young to join Holocaust, so they have to settle for something simpler.

After the British-Jewish foreign minister decided to visit Ukraine in his efforts to build anti-Russian coalition, a major Ukrainian ammunition warehouse on the border with Russia was set on fire. 200 million pounds of explosives near Kharkov will continue detonating into September.

A hundred Israeli victims of Palestinian terror filed a case in Los Angeles against Bank of China which for years maintain Hamas and Hezbollah accounts and allowed the terrorist organizations to withdraw millions of dollars in cash. Yet, the US Administration shows no intent of sanctioning China for money laundering or state sponsorship of terrorism.
But the Administration reneged on its earlier promise to take North Korea off the terrorist sponsor list for the very same financial operations.
Israel, for her part, conducts negotiations with Syria, a state sponsor of both Hamas and Hezbollah.

August 2008
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