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The search for Rose is over. Her stepfather confessed of killing her “with a slap” and, as counseled by her mother, dumped the body in the River Yarkon.
Ronnie Ron married Marie Pisam after she divorced his son. The commandment bans such relationship (Lev18:15).

after crossing from Gaza into Israel. He participated in the boat trip from Cyprus to Gaza in circumvention of the blockade. The fellow is one of those who demand lifting the blockade, and to hell with those Jews in Sderot.

Peacenik propaganda is long an important part of military training. Part of the efforts go to idolizing Rabin. Instead of showing his a murderer of Altalena or at least the politician who ordered breaking hands and legs of Palestinian teenagers and later proclaimed Jordan Valley inseparable part of Israel, the propaganda amplify his short-lived overture with peaceniks.
During the video on Rabin’s assassination two soldiers in the elite Golani Brigade stood up and applauded. Subsequently, they were jailed for ten days and demoted.

According to Peace Now report, tenders for construction in settlements increased by 11 times this year compared to 2007. Good news.

After Israel ruptured the isolation by conducting talks with Syria in Turkey, Europeans lost any restraint. French foreign minister visits Syria to prepare Sarkozy’s visits.
The message to Syria is clear: it is okay to stock a thousand of mid-range missiles, develop the nuclear program, and virtually control Lebanon.

Right, more sanctions after Iran paid no attention to the four rounds of them.
Obama is really a curious case of a naive and unprincipled lad. Born Barack Hussein, a Muslim, he opportunistically switched to Christianity and avoids mentioning his middle name. Seeking to remove the injustice from this world, he joined the flock of the most viciously anti-Semitic pastor, but abandoned him when the elections made the affiliation unprofitable. He hired anti-Semites such as Brzezinski and Lane, but learned a few pronouncements which elicit good response from Jews. He guaranteed Israel undivided sovereignty over Jerusalem, to retract days later.
It is surprising how would any Jew with a modicum of self-respect vote for such a Hussein.

North Korea denied the repeated American requests to verify its nuclear program and its cessation. No wonder, since the Koreans would be stupid to relinquish a profitable status of nuclear power in return to less than a billion dollars in aid. Almost certainly, they continue developing nuclear bombs from the already enriched plutonium. North Korea’s only nuclear test had failed with the output of only 0.6kt.
In response to North Korean evasion, the US delayed de-listing it as terrorist sponsor country. In response, North Koreans halted dismantling their nuclear reactor.
The entire dismantling affair is a sham as it would take North Korea just months to rebuild the reactor.

Without even filing a labor dispute, workers at Haifa and Ashdod ports disrupted their activity in response to the 2009 budget which allows the ports to hire private contractors.

August 2008
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