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Turkey is the first NATO member to invite Ahmadinejad. The Iranian president has earlier visited other NATO member countries, including the US, on diplomatic occasions.
During his visit, Ahmadinejad is expected to sign an oil deal with Turkey for $3.5 billion despite the UN sanctions. Europe, too, buys Iranian oil for E5.5 billion annually.

saying the prime minister must have security credentials. For Barak, it’s working with Mofaz who security credentials are dismal versus Livni with no security credentials at all.
Barak also expects the Labor Party to come out a bit stronger in the elections if Kadima is lead by less popular Mofaz.

The Council reached the best possible deal: the 45 Migron families will stay until their new houses are built in the neighboring settlement, which would take years. Also, the outpost is effectively exchanged for unfreezing the settlement’s construction.
Yesha decision, however, is wrong. The outposts are not about grabbing a few extra acres but a political statement: there are Jews here who disagree with defeatist policies and are ready to oppose the treacherous government. The outpost pioneers would have little problem building illegally inside the approved settlement; the outpost marks their desire to stake Jewish land elsewhere.
Yesha Council has to be moderate as it depends on the government for municipal funding just as any other Israeli town.

No big surprise, huh. Lithuanians murdered about 200,000 local Jews with such atrociousness that the arriving SS troops had to intervene to make the slaughter more orderly.
Yad Vashem is unusually concerned about Lithuania because its former director Yitzhak Arad is one of the Jews under criminal investigation there for… murdering Lithuanians during his years as guerrilla in WWII. The investigation can lead to Interpol warrant against Jewish partisans.
Lithuania is a EU member.

The Israeli master politician made a formal offer to Palestinian enemies: 6% of the land in Negev near Gaza and 93% of Judea and Samaria, that’s the entire West Bank except settlement blocs. Israel also agreed to divide herself with a corridor so that Palestinian enemies can travel freely from the West Bank into Gaza.
The small print is more important: the deal can only be implemented after the PA asserts control over its territory – that is, never.
The Palestinian Authority rejected the 93% deal as “unacceptable.”

Mekorot is Israeli water monopoly. Mekorot monopoly status depends on antiquated legislation from the period of British occupation.
As usual, Mekorot extorts higher prices and wages by threatening to interrupt Israeli water supply.
It is politically correct to cut water to Jews, but Israeli government cannot decide on cutting water supply to Gaza.

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