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Fayad, PA negotiators claim the Bush Administration refused to exert pressure on Israel to accede to Palestinian “peace” demands so as not to harm Livni’s prospects in the upcoming Kadima primaries.
Washington understands well how unpopular is the fictional peace among Israeli voters.

and Russian army bombed civilians in Georgian town of Gori. The fighting possibly left about 1,500 dead. Russia brought military reinforcements in the breakaway Georgian province of South Osetia, and the US Administration called on Russia to withdraw despite Georgia shelling Russian citizens in Osetia atrociously.
So much for anyone’s respect for the fictional international law, civilian rights, or justice.

insists only a single inspection was agreed upon.

Jews commemorate the destruction by fasting and praying in the 9 of Av, instead of coming out and rebuilding the Temple on the Arab-occupied Temple Mount.

to E4.5 billion. Germany leads the trade with its 35% share. European imports from Iran totaled E5.5 billion.
The sanctions clearly bear fruit.

The close relative of the Quartet’s impartial envoy joined an ultra-leftist expedition from Cyprus aimed at reaching Gaza despite Israeli naval blockade.
Britain has a long story of impartiality in Israel, such as when it refused immigration permits to hundreds of thousands of European Jews who could still emigrate from the Nazi-occupied Europe had they have entry visas to Palestine.

Georgia doesn’t recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory.
US, NATO also recognized South Osetia as Georgian territory despite the fact that Osetians generally unanimously reject Georgian sovereignty over their towns. But when it comes to Israel, friendly Bush Administration rejects our right even to the entire Jerusalem.
In the meanwhile, Russia continues revenge against Georgia by pounding its army positions near another breakaway region, Abkhazia. Russian forces are now marching toward a Georgian town of Gori, 40 miles from Georgia capital.

during the separation barrier protests near Niilin village. The skunk-smelling spray bomb is available to the IDF for at least five years.

Israel realized her grave concerns over Hezbollah’s deployment of anti-aircraft missile batteries at mountain peaks in Lebanon by apparently assassinating the supplier, Gen. Muhammad Suleiman.
Such batteries considerably endanger Israeli aircraft which overfly Lebanon in violation of the practically non-existent ceasefire. Far from the previously lame duck affair, such overflights would require top skills until Israel destroys the missile batteries.
Olmert-Barak duo work hard against Syria.

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