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Putin started his term with war in Chechnya. Medvedev opted for a higher-profile war with Georgia.
Russia had practically annexed breakaway Georgian provinces of South Osetia and Abkhazia by massively issuing Russian passports to locals. Then, Russia sent its “peacekeeping” troops ostensibly to protect its citizens there.
After Georgia invaded South Osetia in the attempt to regain the province it had quite lost 16 years ago, Russians bombed Georgian military bases and are now amassing troops at Georgian border.
Russia’s furious response is largely due to Georgia’s unfortunate timing of the invasion. Putin, who is heading now to the Chinese Olympics, was surely incredibly irritated by what he sees as Georgia’s treacherous behavior: they messed with his vacation plans.
If Russia goes around the world bombing the countries which allegedly mistreat its citizens, that would be quite a sort of the new world order.
Israel might take notice how a small but proud Georgia disregarded the American advice to be nice with Russia, and forcefully claimed its land rights while Bush went to the Olympics. Without much concern about the world opinion, Georgia inflicted hundreds of casualties in insurgents and civilians in a matter of hours.

Spanish court issued arrest warrants for a number of Israelis whom the Palestinians accuse of assassinating Hamas chief Salah Shehadeh in 2002 and about a dozen of Palestinian civilians who happened to be nearby. During Ariel Sharon’s prime ministership, Israel just dropped a 2,000 lbs bomb on Shehadeh.
Spain had only recognized Israel in 1986.

After massive air exercises in the Mediterranean within the reach of the S-300 anti-aircraft missiles on Cyprus, the IAF is certain it can jam the top-of-the-line Russian anti-aircraft battery.

Iran claims to having purchased S-300 anti-aircraft missiles from Russia while Russia denies the deal. Both countries have reputation of liars.

The EU called on its financial institutions to voluntarily restrict export financing for sales to Iran, and barred public loan guarantees for trade with Iran.
The new sanctions are whoppingly useless as we don’t recall any deal with Iran in the recent years which depended on European export financing.

Police spokesman bragged before the previous interrogation that they need only a few minutes to verify Olmert’s signature on the bills. Then, the police had spend three hours instead of the planned two. Still, police accused Olmert of stalling interrogation.
After the leftist Supreme Court ruled that Mazuz can dethrone Olmert should he duck the investigation, police arranged today for a surprise interrogation which lasted for hours.
The case against Olmert is apparently not that strong.

Yesterday, we were puzzled by Israel releasing from jail three high-ranking Hamas members held in administrative detention: two ministers and one MP. The deal became clear today when Hamas released 150-200 Fatah prisoners it took in Gaza days ago. Israel released her Hamas prisoners so that Hamas releases its Fatah prisoners. Israel held the high-ticket Hamas prisoners to exchange for Shalit.
Israel’s unusual cooperation with Fatah is probably due to the fact that Israel aided Fatah in the attempted putsch in Gaza, which Hamas has foiled. Fatah, accordingly, blamed Israel for the arrest of its supporters in Gaza, and Israel joined in their release.

according to Stanford Institute for International Studies. That would drastically limit Israeli strike capabilities.

Israeli human rights NGO Hamoked demands refugee rights to Fatah supporters from Gaza. According to Hamoked scum, eight poor Fatah thugs in Gaza fled their homes and spend nights in streets because Hamas seeks to arrest them for attempting putsch.
We wonder, what Israel has to do with Fatah-Hamas brotherly slaughter? Let them kill as much each other’s members as they could.

Light plane with 4 Jews which headed to Israel from Cyprus crashed less than 200ft from a major storage of ammonia. Haifa airport is surrounded with highly dangerous chemical factories. Ammonia leakage could easily cause thousands of deaths.

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