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The policeman placed under house arrest for allegedly shooting a 9- or 11-year-old Arab who was cutting barbed wire near the village of Niliin. The Arab participated in mass riots against separation barrier. Palestinians routinely put children in the line of fire to get media coverage.

Olmert promised to Abu Mazen.
Right, after being targeted by Palestinian terrorists we need to show them our goodwill.

IAF conducted massive exercise in the apparent preparation for the attack on Iran.

After the notorious mouthpiece of Islamic terrorists broadcasted the released arch-terrorist’s Samir Kuntar fireworks party, Israeli Government Press Office threatened to reduce cooperation with Al Jazeera to a minimal level until the network provides acceptable explanation.
The stupidity is unbelievable. What explanation does they want? Al Jazeera, an Islamic network which routinely lauds international terrorists, broadcasted one terrorist’s party. What is not clear to the GPO morons?
Worse, it is mind-boggling that Israel allows Al Jazeera to operate in the country, let alone extends to it more than a minimal legally required cooperation.

Jewish government doesn’t see that as a violation of ceasefire.

Hezbollah recruited Khaled Kashkush while he was studying medicine in Germany.
Hezbollah is not banned in Germany.

five months after the event. Merkaz Ha Rav terrorist’s family will appeal.
No restrictions were imposed on hiring Arab workers like that one.

to celebrate Israeli disengagement from Gaza. Hamas released party video from the ruins of the Gush Katif’ Atzmona Israeli synagogue and mikve.

Eight Jews barred from the private land plot the owner tries to reclaim from Palestinian squatters near Shuafat refugee camp.
One would be hard pressed to recall an incident of police similarly barring Arabs from entering private Jewish land.

after a complain about Yesha Council members attending a British ambassador’s party. Britain, a colonial monarchy, has a problem with Jewish colonization of Judea.

Though civilized world refuses dealing with Hamas terrorist organization, every Arab country cooperates with it.

In a surprise verdict, the Supreme Court rejected PA’s sovereignty claims and ruled Israelis can sue Palestinian Authority as any incorporated body. Claims can be settled from Israeli tax transfers to Palestinians.
Terror victims should now rush to sue the PA before Israel recognizes its statehood and sovereignty.

said Olmert to the Knesset Security Affairs Committee.

August 2008
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