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Oh yeah? Then why the peace process which leaves Israel a 14-mile-wide country, to be overrun by Arab enemies in half an hour?
Mofaz was speaking of Iran’s nuclear programs while professing to support diplomatic means against the recalcitrant mullahs.

A dozen of Fatah hoodlums from Gaza found a safe haven in Israel after Hamas tried to shoot them, and are currently treated at Beersheba hospital at the expense of Jewish taxpayers. It remains unclear why should Israel be concerned with Fatah and Hamas killing each other out.
Hamas apparently foiled an Israeli-supported coup by Fatah. There was considerable gunfire and explosions throughout Gaza.

during routine archaeological dig. Gedalyahu ben Pashur is mentioned in the Book of Prophet Jeremiah.
According to the peace plans, the Temple Mount would fall unto Arab administrative control.

The West will respond with a new round of empty sanctions.

in Schem, threatens executing him should Hamas continue the siege of pro-Fatah Hillis clan in Gaza.
A good example for Israel, actually. Arresting and executing Hamas officials and jailed murderers would have brought Shalit home and stop rocket attacks long ago.

Israeli Jewish cities are full of the government propaganda billboards to conserve water. The government increased water prices, restricted watering of new farms and public parks. Jews installed shower heads with switch-off buttons and rush out of the shower as if it were spreading gold.

Do we realistically imagine that even a single Arab conserves the precious Israeli water? Under Israeli oppression, her Arab population exploded by 11 times since 1948, but Arabs don’t care that the water supplies diminishes with global warming, that there is just not enough water to squander. According to Israel’s Mekorot water supplier conservative estimates (Mekorot has to be politically correct), Arabs steal half the water. That is, for every gallon accounted as delivered to Arabs, they steal at least one gallon. Nor do they care to pay for the accounted-for water. Arab villages and towns in Israel run a huge back debt on municipal services, including water. To cover the losses, Mekorot and mixed Jewish-Arab municipalities continuously raise water prices so that law-abiding Jews effectively pay for the Arabs. In some places, such as Lod, government attached Arab villages to Jewish towns so that Jews would pay for the Arabs.

Israel duly supplies water to Jordan, the West Bank, and Gaza. Though Jews consume in large part the expensive desalinated water, Arabs receive cheap water from the Lake Kineret. There is no imaginable reason why should Jews supply water to Jordan, the West Bank, and Gaza. We build desalination plants – let the Arabs build them, too. We just don’t care about their problems. Actually, we do: inefficient Arab farmers spend several times more water per agricultural output than Jews. Arabs are wasting our water and then sell us their tax-free produce subsidized by stolen Israeli water.
Arabs are joined by kibbutzim who also squander water which they receive at the rock-bottom prices. There is more than enough natural water to cover personal needs of Israeli Jews even at the rate of 50 gallons per day. It is agriculture that puts water in short supply. Commercial needs of Israeli agricultural lobby should be served in the second turn, after private Jewish citizens are satisfied. On the contrary, kibbutzim receive water on the priority basis and cheap. If there is not enough water, then we should cut down inessential industries which are heavy on water, such as agricultural export where the value added is anyway very low. If kibbutzim want to continue, let them buy expensive desalinated water, not the Kineret’s which belongs to all Jews rather than the politically connected kibbutzniks.

Jews are used to being ripped off.

August 2008
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