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in a beachside explosion in Gaza which also killed 5 Hamas members. Western and Arab media outlets remained unconcerned with the murder, unlike the situations where they gleefully report about Palestinian guerrilla teenagers killed by Israeli army.
Hamas rounded about two hundred Fatah supporters in Gaza.

In the effort to postpone Israel’s attack on Iranian nuclear facilities until it becomes impossible under Obama presidency, Pentagon announced that Russian S-300 anti-aircraft batteries won’t reach Iran in 2008. Implied, there is no rush to attack Iran.

to its nuclear program as long as the number of installed centrifuges doesn’t exceed the current level of 6,000.
Apparently, the recently dispatched American negotiator requested continuation of status quo as a condition of talks, implicitly allowing Iran to run 6,000 centrifuges, enough to make nuclear bomb in a year.

On the background of peaceful deaths in car accidents, swimming, and hiking terrorist threat is negligible, certainly not a reason to rush for peace talks.

Ukraine’s State Security Service (SBU, former KGB) published a list of culprits allegedly responsible for the 1932-33 famine which took anywhere from two to twenty million lives. The US-propped ultra-nationalist government of Ukraine made the famine into a genocide and uses it to stir hatred to Jews and Russians. Ukrainians claim the bad harvest was somehow a Russian-Jewish conspiracy. The EU recently recognized the Ukrainian famine a genocide even though it equally affected all ethnic groups in the starving area.
The SBU/ KGB’s list features mainly Jewish names. Where the Jews have changed their names to Russian-sounding, the list gives original Jewish names. Many Jews on the list could not possibly have to do anything with the famine as they were employed in other regions and in irrelevant offices, down to the Soviet Statistics Section.
The list of culprits avoids Russian and Ukrainian names of the top Ukrainian government officials of the time who couldn’t but share responsibility for the famine.
Accusations against Jews for the famine are long a part of the Ukrainian anti-Semitic folklore, but it is the first time the security agency sanctions the blood libel.

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