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According to the IDF, mad settlers put a knife to soldier’s neck, took away his weapon, and fired it. The reality was different.
IDF dismantled a hamlet of Adei Ad, where a family of Jewish farmers was living in an abandoned bus. After the Jewish soldiers made Jewish farmers homeless, victorious Arabs in the nearby village of Burin started riots and threw stones on Jews nearby. After a Jewish car was stoned and its passengers hardly escaped lynching by friendly Arabs, the driver stopped near the IDF jeep for protection. As usual, soldiers refused to shoot at the rioting crowd lest they end up in jail for harming innocent Arabs. To protect himself and the soldiers, one villager took the soldier’s rifle and made warning shots in the air.
Israeli government is bent on giving the area to Arabs despite Shiloh being one of the holiest places in Judaism, the confirmed location of the Holy Arc for three hundred years.

after Israeli government commuted his multiple life sentence for two corpses from Hezbollah.

Britain’s Foreign Minister of Jewish origin, one Miliband, lashed against a minor Jewish village planned in the Jordan Valley (“the West Bank”) claiming it as an obstacle for Middle East peace.
And why weren’t there peace in 1967 before Israel took control of Judea and Samaria?
Yitzhak Rabin was murdered days after he proclaimed publicly that Israel’s border lies in the Jordan Valley “in the broadest sense of that term”.

Ranked the 17th most expensive city in the world, Tel Aviv offers life more expensive than New York. Sour fruits of post-socialism…

for trying to oust the prime minister with fake investigations.
Israeli judicial establishment has long usurped legislative power. After leftists lost the Knesset 35 years ago, they rule the country through courts which appoint their own members and thus perpetuate leftists’ dominance despite the election results. With courts managing Israeli life from operations in Gaza and security barrier to expelling presidents and prime ministers, Israeli judicial fascism is an established fact.

July 2008
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