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Speaking in turn to Israelis and Palestinians, the visiting American demagogue had nice words for everyone.

To Israelis, Obama spoke of the Iranian threat and promised to use “big carrots and big sticks” against Iran. By the time he expends the big carrots, nuclear Iran won’t be susceptible to any sticks.
Obama reiterated his fake position that Jerusalem must remain a Jewish capital. That statement doesn’t exclude the city also becoming a Palestinian capital – and Obama, the Black demagogue of Muslim origin, commanded Jews to discuss Jerusalem status with Palestinians.

Obama visited Sderot, where he revealed to the assembled Jews that the child Twito, wounded in a Kassam attack, represents the courage of Jews. That should be taken as Obama’s voice against Israel courageously attacking her Muslim terrorist enemies making thousands of Gazans courageous but disabled victims of Jews.

Obama welcomed Netanyahu’s economic incentives for Palestinians. Sort of the Jews helping the Weimar Republic to cut down inflation.

Then, Osama met with Abu Mazen’s thugs and encouraged them in their fight with Zionist aggressors, promised supporting their demands.

In a letter to the UN chief, Hezbollah’s leader offers exchanging information on the Isralei soldiers missing for decades for jailed Palestinian terrorists of female gender.

The first exceedingly advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems will be deployed in January 2009. The IDF apparently doesn’t expect to strike Iran before then, as the IAF conducted massive exercises last month near Crete, Greece where a similar anti-aircraft battery is installed.
Peace-loving Russia supplied the air defenses to Iran to safely conduct its nuclear program. Under Livni or Netanyahu, Israel won’t risk alienating Obama by attacking Iran after the US presidential elections but before Obama’s inauguration.

Knesset voted across the border to approve a bill which guarantees ultra-Orthodox schools state funding at least 60% of the country’s average even if they don’t teach math. All parties, as possible coalition candidates, want to keep good relations with Sha$.
Realistically, the ultra-religious schools loathe to teach civics rather than math because Israeli civics school programs are vehemently anti-religious. The Jewish state officially discriminates against religious community by subsidizing the religious schools much less than the atheist ones.

In the aftermath of the two bulldozer terrorist attacks in Jerusalem in a month, police is hard pressed to show some action. Accordingly, Jerusalem police toughly inspect driver licenses and work permits of Arab machine operators. It remains unclear how these measures can prevent future terrorist acts if both attackers legally resided in Israel and held work permits.
In the attempt to demonstrate that the terrorists are somehow unusual, police spread the rumors of them committing terrorist acts to vindicate their criminal past. That is nonsense: both Palestinian terrorists had good reputation and meager criminal records, typical for about 200,000 Arabs.
The real problem with the bulldozer terrorist is that they are just average Arabs, and there is no solution to stop that type of terrorism short of boycotting Arab labor and expelling them into one of the 22 Arab states.
Both bulldozer attacks came extremely handy for Olmert: the first disrupted Avi Dichter’s (Shin Bet chief) major revelations against Olmert by showing Dichter’s own powerlessness, and the second one came just after the Kadima party bosses colluded to oust Olmert during the primaries.

The Knesset approved in first reading a bill to give Israeli citizenship to at least 9,000 Ethiopian Christians who claim to be truly Jewish. Those 9,000 would then proceed to bring their extended families into Israel.
The bill is pushed by the Jewish Agency, others to justify their existence after the aliyah has ended.

In Makor Baruch, yeshiva students attacked Arabs after they harassed a shopkeeper. Arabs swarm the Makor Baruch and make the life of Jewish residents untenable while Israeli police do nothing.

during the five-day examination by Olmert’s lawyers. Talansky is shown to lie on every issue, invent the facts, and guess wildly.
The only remaining accusation is Talansky’s guaranteeing Likud’s $300,000 loan in Jerusalem municipal elections, a common and minor transgression by Israeli political standards.
Even so, Kadima braces for primaries to remove Olmert.

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