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An Arab drove his bulldozer into a bus, two cars in Jerusalem, wounded two Jews. As became usual in terrorist attacks, police failed to act and the Arab terrorist was shot dead by a Jewish civilian.
The Arab was inspired by a similar attack on July 2, which left the terrorist family an object of neighbors’ admiration, especially after Israeli government refused even token punishment of demolishing their house.
The Arab was employed at a construction site near King David Street despite stringent prohibition by prominent Israeli rabbis on hiring Arabs. The Arab was an Israeli resident.

Gordon Brown calls on Jews to share their capital city with Palestinian thugs, and suggests further isolation of Iran as an alternative to attacking the nuclear mullahs.
Brown’s speech is a logical continuation of British policy. The UK stole 3/4 of land earmarked for the Jewish state by the Mandate. After forming Jordan on Jewish land, Britain voted against forming Israel in 1947.

to attack Iran as Kadima primaries on or before September 25 can force Olmert to step down, according to Kadima’s revised charter.
It is unfathomable that Israelis are so stupid as to give the Kadima scum another chance of ruining the country.

An arch-murderer of Jewish family released, while the hero assassin of Yitzhak Rabin languishes in Israeli jail.
Samir Kuntar was allowed many visits and fathered a number of bastards, while Israeli authorities repeatedly refused Yigal Amir even conjugal visits.

to plant minefields in Gaza. Hamas acquired rockets that can hit Ashdod.
The head of Shin Bet security agency called to bringing Israeli troops back into Gaza, implicitly confirming that Sharon’s disengagement had failed.

after the army charged him with shooting a blinded and handcuffed Palestinian with rubber bullet.
Acting upon his commander’s order, the soldier fired a single rubber bullet into the Palestinian’s leg, causing him no wound whatsoever. Lt.-Col. Omri denies giving an order.
The incident was filmed by a Palestinian armed with video camera from the Jewish anti-Semitic group B’Tselem.
Israeli soldiers became powerless against myriad of Palestinian, Jewish ultra-left, and foreign demonstrators who routinely attack the army near Nilin village. It is impossible to prosecute and sentence thousands of participants in the violent demonstrations, and using minor force against them is the soldiers’ only option.

Two Kassam-type crude rockets fired from Har Brakha, Yitzhar Jewish villages in Samaria on the Palestinian Arabs who routinely burn Jewish fields in the area. So far, the crude projectiles failed to produce enemy casualties.

Under Lupolyansky’s command, Jerusalem municipal employees are 26% Arab, the highest percentage among Israel’s Jewish cities. Leftist Tel Aviv is much more sensible, with only 3% of its municipal workers being Arabs. Of course, there are few Arabs in Tel Aviv.

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