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The moderate Palestinian terrorist visited Israel’s enemy state, a terrorist supporter with nuclear aspirations. Israel’s peace partner spoke extensively and cordially with Assad and the head of Islamic Jihad.

During the Knesset debate on the Jerusalem Caterpillar attack, police bosses Mickey Levy and Bruno Stein praised action of the policemen who climbed the bulldozer but didn’t shoot the attacker. Police claims the Arab was already unconscious, which is a lie. Police’s inaction allowed the Arab to kill yet another Jewish woman. Apparently, the policeman was afraid of trial for killing an unarmed Arab.
Meretz party leader Yossi Beilin asserted that demolishing terrorist house is immoral. Arab MK a-Sanaa said that terrorist attacks are caused by house demolitions. It seems bizarre that an Arab voices opinion during the Knesset hearing on his fellow terrorists.

The lower red line indicates the level water the water is too polluted to be usable. Water use for Israeli gardening is severely curtailed. Israel continues undiminished water supply to Jordan, Gaza, and the West Bank Arabs. Palestinians in Israel and the territories steal up to half the water and generally don’t pay at all. In response, Israel’s water supplier continuously increases water prices so that law-abiding Jews cover its losses from supplying water to Arabs.
Syria demands access to Lake Kinneret in return for granting Israel peace.

which produce weapon-grade uranium 2-3 times faster than the common P1 centrifuges. Iran houses parts of the P2 nuclear enrichment program in residential buildings.

A group of South Africans which includes its supreme court “justice” arrived in Israel to investigate Israel’s abuses of Palestinian human rights.
American leftists and reformists often asked Rabbi Meir Kahane why doesn’t he participate in their anti-apartheid demonstrations. Rabbi Kahane explained that he won’t move a finger to subvert a white South African government friendly to Israel and replace it with Black government which hates Israel.

since the US invasion: 40 dead in the Indian Embassy bombing in Kabul.

Yair Gil currently flies his light 4-seat plane to the United States.

Unable to bring criminal charges against Yona Metzger, Mazuz recommended the government to fire the notoriously corrupt rabbi.

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