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Arab worker of Jerusalem rail construction company smashed his huge Caterpillar bulldozer into cars and buses. Three Jews dead in the attack. Before dying, parents managed to throw their baby out of the car being smashed by the terrorist.
The attack is yet another terrorist attack by Arab residents of Israel. Israeli businesses keep hiring Arabs despite the rabbinical ban (halachic rulings) against Arab labor. The Arab driver was employed despite his criminal record, as criminal past is common among Arab workers.
The attack set Jewish throngs running away from the scene. Jews afraid in the eternal Jewish capital.
Security personnel at the scene did not act. Policewoman fired at the terrorist but failed to kill him. A policeman climbed at the bulldozer and struggled with the terrorist – but did not shoot him. As fate would have it, the terrorist was killed by off-duty soldier Moshe Plesser, a brother-in-law of David Shapira who gunned down Mercaz HaRav terrorist, also amid the police’s inaction. Talk about miracles.
Abbas’ Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and Hezbollah’s Galilee Freedom Battalion claimed responsibility. The Arab was probably acting on his own, spontaneously, perhaps a bad mood or labor dispute.
Olmert’s response: destroy the terrorist’s family house.

Knesset approved in the first reading a bill which would take away Israeli citizenship of terrorist families. Though welcome, the bill cannot stand the human rights scrutiny.

According to the Joint Chiefs’ Chairman Michael Mullen, Middle East “is a very unstable part of the world and I don’t need it to be more unstable.” This is a great strategic vision on the part of retarded admiral. Presumably, Iran where ayatollahs wield nuclear bombs would be a stable place.

It is unlikely that Olmert pulled a devilish public stunt when he declared their death for the later jackpot public approval.

Egyptian troops use water cannons, other non-lethal means to disperse hundreds of Gazans.
While the Arab world accuses Israel of Gaza blockade, Egypt fully cooperates with Israel and closed its side of the border. Egypt has enough of its own terrorists and happily use the pretext of Israeli blockade to close itself to Gazans. Until 1967, Egypt ruled Gaza with iron fist.

for their role in Iraq and Palestine. The later is not true: there is no Hezbollah in the West Bank and Gaza. If anything, it is stronger in Israel proper where loyal Israeli Arabs created a Hezbollah-affiliated Galilee Freedom Battalion.
It took Britain almost three decades to impose a partial ban on one of the world’s most notorious terrorist organizations.
The ban doesn’t include Hezbollah’s political activities.

Only 36% of young Jews serve the full three-year army term, plus another 16% serve for just one year.
The army becomes increasingly religious Zionist.

Gaza border crossings are reopened for limited cargo flow to countenance Palestinians for the absence of rocket attack during the (wow) two days.

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