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The army will start distributing new gas masks only in January. A possibility remains that Israel prepares to attack Iran after the American presidential elections but before inauguration.

Knesset Member Tzahi Hanegbi is singled out for prosecution for political appointments. Israel is plagued by this practice. In the Histadrut trade union enterprises, 40 to 80% of administrative posts fall to relatives of the bureaucrats in place. Typical Jewish clannishness in conjunction with socialism and corruption turned ugly.
Hanegbi, as a Minister for Environment, appointed many relatives and children of fellow Likudniks (he’s now in Kadima) into the managing positions. According to Hanegbi, he somehow thought it was good that children of Likud bosses wanted to join civil service. Of course, they wanted sinecures rather than service. So Hanegbi now faces a choice of being convicted for fraud or stupidity.

In the attempt to enforce ceasefire in Gaza, Hamas arrested Abu Qusai, the spokesman for Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Fatah’s military wing which routinely attacks Israel from Gaza.
Still, for Israeli government Hamas are the bad guys while Fatah thugs are peace partners.

The new law bars Israeli citizens who visited enemy states (every Muslim state except Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, and Oman) from running for Knesset. The law offers a loophole: the visitors retain their electoral rights if they can prove that they did not provide support to Israel’s enemies.
Shaul Mofaz, Education Minister (Peace Now founder) Yuli Tamir, Haim Ramon, Ami Ayalon opposed the bill in order to raise their own popularity with Israeli Arabs.
The bill, technically an amendment for the Knesset Basic Law, received 52 votes rather than 61 (absolute majority) and stands to be overturned by the Supreme Court.

Arabs of Issawiya threw firebomb at the Border Police vehicle.

Two Kassam rockets from Gaza hit Israel.

Israel repeatedly refused to exchange Palestinian Jew-murderers for Shalit, and offered only the terrorists who failed to murder Jews. An euphemism is “without blood on hands.”
The government, however, released Samir Kuntar in exchange for corpses of Regev and Goldwasser. Kuntar murdered a Jewish family, thus by any definition he has plenty of blood on his hands.
Hamas, accordingly, vowed to stick to its demands of releasing murderers in exchange for Shalit.

Ex-Mossad chief Danny Yatom should not have been in politics in the first place for the clear conflict of interests: at Mossad, he knew the information which, as an MK, he had a duty to tell the public.

Danny Yatom is Lev Levaev’s partner in the Angola diamond business. Danny Yatom uses his Mossad contacts for personal gain. In Angola, Levaev also cooperates with Russian KGB/ FSB.

Danny Yatom claims he left the Knesset due to its deteriorating morals. Sure, a Mossad chief is himself a beacon of morality.

World Zionist Organization’s poll claims half of young Israelis don’t know who was Theodore Herzl. Together with the ultra-left Education (Brainwashing) Ministry, WZO set out to educate Israeli pupils about Herzl.
A bad idea, though. Herzl, an assimilated Jew, created rootless Zionism bereft of religion. He promulgated Uganda for Jewish national home. Herzl’s children were in no way Jewish and far even from secular Zionism.

Arabs and leftists filed a suit in Spain alleging murder of some Palestinians during Israeli assassination of Hamas chief Salah Shahad in 2002. A number of top Israeli security officials are now wanted in Spain. The case may lead to the worldwide Interpol warrant.
Israel, at last, has to properly declare war on Palestinians rather than tread a legally dangerous ground of police actions in the hostile territory.

June 2008
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