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by Barry Chamish

[We deliberately refrained from voicing our suspicions about the suicide. Barry's arguments make sense. Suicide is uncommon among Arabs (the dead officer was a Druze) and in the tough Border Police.]

Call it an update. Twelve hours ago, a shot rang out near the goodbye ceremony for French President Nicolas Sarkozy at Ben Gurion Airport.
The band had just started up its loud farewell repertoire. At the moment Sarkozy, President Peres and Prime Minister Olmert clasped hands in unity for the cameras, a shot was heard. If anyone thought this was an assassination, security went out the window. Instead of jumping on their leaders, security rushed them to their cars and plane. Sarkozy was a wide-open target as he climbed to his plane.
But then the truth was learned. At the moment that the band began and the leaders shook hands for the cameras, a clever longtime soldier assigned to an elite Border Guard unit, thought, great time to kill myself. And just when he was in perfect position; 100 yards from the ceremony with a 400 yard range rifle, on a roof, with the politicians in his sites! Darn.
Plus, he didn’t just choose the right moment to die noticed, his dying post was perfect. If he shot himself from a roof, maybe he could arrange for his body to fall off the roof, too. And best of all for the full drama, he decided to kill himself in front of his, “guarding partner,” and two women soldiers who fainted and were taken to the hospital. Now, we have seen Israeli woman soldiers after countless ghastly, hideous terror acts, where their sense of duty prevents open shows of revulsion. They don’t faint. But today, TWO female soldiers fainted at the same moment and required hospital treatment, which would include terrifying scenarios of what would happen if they opened their mouths.
You see, the entire media was removed from the airport as soon as the shot was fired. No pesky “Kempler” films, which revealed the Shin Bet’s role in the Rabin murder, would suddenly appear, exposing the murderers, maybe this time for good. The eye-witnesses just needed coaching under duress.
Now if I was investigating this latest incident, suspect number one would be the victim’s partner. However, I know from my Rabin expose, the coverup has already begun in earnest. All relevant physical and ballistic evidence will be rigged to suit the crime and the eye-witnesses will become quiet, like the Rabin family.
I admit, this is early in the game, but still, from what you know about suicide, would anyone really kill himself on the job, without a note? Would he really wait for them to strike up the band to cover his shot? Some attention seeker. He shoots himself just as Peres, Olmert and Sarkozy are hand-hugging, but makes sure the band covers up the act.
There is nothing conclusive here. Just the proper balance of suspicion and intelligence so you take the official explanations with a hugely delicious special double grain of salt. You can bet on one thing though; Sarkozy will the last world President to visit Israel in a long while.

Officer’s family: He didnít commit suicide
The dead Border Guard officer was identified as Raid Asaad Ghanan, 32, of the Druze village of Beit Jan. his family members refused to believe that he had committed suicide.
“We scornfully reject the claims that our son took his own life,” a family member said. “He was a kindhearted and happy person. He had a family and there was no reason for him to do such a horrible thing.”
The officer’s father, Asaad Ghanan, said that his son had left the house on Tuesday morning in good spirits.
“He had a family, he had friends, he had plans for the future and had no reason to commit suicide,” the father said.
Naif, Raid’s brother, said that the police representatives who informed the family of their son’s death, had told them that the circumstances of the incidents were unclear and would be probed by an investigating officer.
“It is unthinkable that my brother took his own life. We believe this was an accident, or even an incident in which my brother was accidentally shot by one of the security officials in the area.”

Israel attempted to salvage the ceasefire which both side broke several times in the last week. In order to show her good will, Israel allowed more than a thousand tons of cargo into Gaza. Afterwards, Palestinians attacked Israeli positions near Karni Crossing with mortars. Hamas remains powerless to impose ceasefire onto the Fatah-supported Gaza’s militants.

The government discusses exchanging up to a thousand of Arab terrorists including prominent Jew-murderers such as Samir Kuntar for probably remains of Regev and Goldwasser captured by Hezbollah in 2006.
Olmert’s offer of deliberation shows his opposition to the exchange. Though most Israelis, too, oppose such idiotic exchanged, they are hugely popular in falsely compassionate media. Olmert, therefore, wants ministers to share the blame.

Ali Jafari, the commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, announced that in case of Israeli attack Iran would blockade oil exports from Persian Gulf. Such move would be great as America will join the conflict in order to keep the oil flowing.
Predictably, Iran promised to barrage Israel with Shahab-3 and other ballistic missiles which Israel can intercept easily.
Hezbollah stored significant arsenals, but would think twenty-two times before coming to Iran’s defense as a new round of violence would endanger Hezbollah’s stance in Lebanon whose population couldn’t care less about Iran’s troubles.

The Berlin forum which sought $200 million for the Fatah “police” was sponsored by German Foreign and Economic ministries, protestant church, and social democrats. The conference turned a mild scandal after the representatives of Iran, Saudi Arabia, other Muslim states called to winding up Zionist state.

At the festivities of the Jerusalem’ Bridge of Strings inauguration, Jerusalem municipality instructed secular female performers to dress modestly – which is reasonable, though hardly justified in the city of gay parades. In addition, Lupolyansky ordered teenage girls to cover their hair, which is an Orthodox requirement for married Jewish women only.

Samir KuntarDespite the objections of Shin-Bet and Mossad, Israeli government voted 22:3 to release the notorious unrepentant terrorist Samir Kuntar, scores of others, in exchange for Regev and Goldwasser corpses. It is long understood that Regev and Goldwasser died from their wounds during or shortly after the Hezbollah cross-border attack that sparked the 2006 war with Lebanon. Hezbollah repeatedly refused to offer proof of life.
Livni, who voted against the previous prisoner exchange under Sharon (hundreds of terrorists for an Israeli drug dealer) objected to this swap, but voted for it. The deeply religious Sha$ saw no problem in releasing Jew-murderers rather than executing them, as the commandment goes. Only Roni Bar-On, Ze’ev Boim and Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann deserve respect for voting against the deal.
The logic behind the swap remains murky. Olmert claims he wants the end to Regev-Goldwasser issue. Israel had to reward the German negotiators with some sort of a deal, so that their two years of negotiating with Hezbollah won’t be wasted.
Leftist media hunted the government on the Regev-Goldwasser affair. The prisoner swap is a boon to the media: if public accepts the swap, the media would claim victory over the foot-dragging government. Otherwise, media will lash out against Olmert for a disproportionate deal.
Olmert has to test public nerves before the massive release of Palestinian terrorists in exchange for a meager Cpl.Shalit; it is rather unlikely that the public would explode being ripped for the second time.
Samir Kuntar, an arch-murderer of Jews, is very popular among Arabs and Israeli peace camp, and the prisoner exchange brings Olmert some new votes. On other hand, Kuntar spent three decades behind the bars in Israel, and his continued imprisonment hardly punishes him a lot.
Kuntar’s release is a great boost to Nasrallah’s public image, as the Hezbollah leader repeatedly promised to bring the high-profile terrorist back to Lebanon. Israel kept Kuntar in the hope of gaining information about the lost Jewish pilot Ron Arad, but Hezbollah apparently knows nothing about him. Disgusting as it is, it makes sense of Olmert to close the chapter.

Israeli-German (!) movie “For my father” pictures a noble Palestinian terrorist who finally marries an open-minded Jewish lady who abandons her Orthodox family. Anti-Semites at the Moscow Film Festival loved the anti-Israeli libel.
Israeli film industry is queasily leftist.

with allegations of bribery and homosexuality. Whether the allegations are true or not, Metzger is an ugly character unworthy to be born a swine. His entire career is shrouded in corruption scandals.

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