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Taleb as Sana recommended honorary citations for the Arabs who murdered Jewish soldier Natan Zade.
In 2005, Natan Zade killed a few Arabs in a bus. Israeli police disarmed him on the spot but Arabs lynched Natan Zade. Israel’s Attorney General refused to charge Israeli Arabs with rioting and murder.

Just outside of the Fatah-controlled Ramallah, Palestinians attempted lynching an Israeli driver who got there by mistake trying to reach his home kibbutz.

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades fired Kassam rockets from Gaza into Israel. The Brigades are a militant wing of Fatah, which pays wages for most of their members. Fatah’s money come from Israeli tax transfers.
In her pre-election zeal, Livni declared Israel should respond militarily to the latest attacks. Why wasn’t she so smart for the last couple of years when rockets pounded Sderot?

As mostly everyone has accepted by now, sexual deviants proudly demonstrated their habits. The parade, though conducted for only four blocks, was longer than the year before, as homosexuals cautiously strengthen their demands. There were no significant protests. Only about 2,000 of homosexuals took part in the parade, a minuscule proportion of Israeli deviants. Many are too lazy to drive to Jerusalem – indeed, a large number of Israeli Jews have never been to Jerusalem. Most homosexuals enjoy their habits relatively quietly, and refuse to participate in the leftist provocation.

Haifa University study puts he number of murders in Israel at 2.3 per 100,000 of population, compared to 7.5 in America. Israelis have more automatic weapons per capita than Americans. The crime rate is still lower in the settlements, where the residents are most heavily armed.

IAEA inspectors are barred from the three locations not yet bombed by Israel.

for the ostensibly peaceful program. Any significant incident on Jordan’s nuclear power plant would contaminate the entire Israel. Jordan’s Bedouin camel drivers might not make the most skilled nuclear power plant operators.
Palestinians constitute a majority in Jordan and poised to take power in any transparent elections.

From 0.2 to 1% of Israeli Jewish population believes, in Ramban’s words, that “God committed himself to a womb of a certain Jewish lady.” Israel doesn’t treat messianic as Jews – which is reasonable, as they are unconcerned about the fact that Christians were busy murdering Jews for the last fifteen centuries.
In Jerusalem, messianics will protest Israel’s refusal of immigration visas to them. If, however, Israel offers citizenship to baptized Jews, why not to the two billion Christians?

During a squabble with MK Zeev Elkin, Knesset coalition chief Eli Aflalo shouted at him that the coalition would never vote for Elkin’s bills. It’s beyond comprehension to Aflalo and his likes that bills should be voted on their merits for benefit of the People of Israel.

Palestinian Bureau of Statistics published poverty rate as 80% in Gaza and 48% in the West Bank. Never mind that in the Palestinian black market economy, statistics inherently is a genre of fiction.
The word “poverty” means income substantially below the average or normal for the particular society. By definition, poverty rate is always small.

European Embassy in Israel revealed that it not only pays salaries of Fatah employees (which includes “policemen” of Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades), but also covers Fatah’s debts before the private Palestinian companies.
Funny enough, the EU control mechanism includes payment tracing to individuals’ accounts. But the EU doesn’t check what job that individual does. European money cover salaries of Hamas employees in Gaza.

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