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Olmert the master politician reached the eleventh-hour agreement with Avodah. Kadima promised to hold primaries on or before September 25, and Avodah voted against the dispersal of Knesset.
The agreement assures that Olmert stays in power. When he loses in primaries – if he runs there at all – he will continue serving as prime minister until the end of his term. The primaries’ winner would scream bloody murder and attempt to stage putsch in Kadima, which Olmert reasonably expects to check. During at least a year between Kadima’s primaries and the next elections, Olmert will trash the winner irreparably in politics and public relations. Then he can leave politics – probably triumphantly after bombing Syria and Iran – or stage new primaries in Kadima in the hope to prevail that time.
For Barak, the agreement with Kadima is a face-saving measure. During his own primaries, Barak falsely promised to never join Olmert’s government, then switched to the promise of leaving the government after Winograd report. Polls show Avodah loosing mightily in the next elections, possibly leaving the coalition government altogether. As we wrote before, Barak couldn’t afford the Knesset dispersal and was sure to retract – as in fact he did.

A vicious spiral of ceasefire violations:
- Hamas retracted from the alleged promise to stop weapons smuggling into Gaza;
- Israel killed two terrorists in the West Bank;
- PIJ retaliated with Kassam rockets;
- Israel refuses to open the border crossings with Gaza.

Nasrallah claims that Hezbollah would demand Samir Kuntar and other Muslim terrorists in exchange for bodies of Regev and Goldwasser.
Israel had previously released minor terrorists in exchange for bodies, though the official policy remains “bodies for bodies.” Kuntar is a prized terrorist: horribly brutal, a celebrity among Arabs and leftist Jews, and unrepentant.
Thanks to his Jewish friends, Kuntar, a murderer of Jewish family, was allowed to father a number of children while in prison. The same privilege was denied to Yigal Amir for many years.

Knesset Interior Committee discussed demolition of Merkaz HaRav murderer’s family house. IDF routinely destroys houses of Palestinian suicide bombers. The revenge is now merely symbolic, as the Palestinians quickly build other houses. Previously, the construction money came from Saudi Arabia, but not from the Palestinian Authority – essentially, from Israel, the EU and US. Gone are the days when Israel expelled the families of suicide bombers.
Merkaz HaRav presents a rare case when the suicide bomber comes from Israel, and the law doesn’t allow collective punishment, though the Supreme Court so far hinted it won’t interfere in the government’s decision. Neither Olmert, nor Barak wants to offend Israeli Arab voters who hold the murderer in high regard.

Speaking with Abu Mazen, Sarkozy supported the end of the “60-year-old oppression of Palestinians.” The poor beings are so oppressed that they have the world’s highest breeding rate.
According to Sarkozy, Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is the reason for the Middle East conflict. How didn’t we realize that before? Now we understand why Arabs attacked us in 1920, 1929, 1936, 1948, 1967, 1973 and on myriad less famous occasions. Right, they sought to drawn all Jews in sea in 1967 because of the West Bank which we didn’t even control then.
Sarkozy demanded removal of the security barrier in the West Bank, which is for him too successful in stopping terrorists. Why doesn’t France open its own borders to Arabs?
Echoing Olmert, Abu Mazen called Sarkozy a true friend.

The army’s exercises started fire in the nature reserve near the Dead Sea which the firefighters cannot contain.
The responsibility rests on the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority. American rangers learned decades ago to burn shrubs and leaves with controlled fire to avoid source material for major conflagration. Israel lacks such practice.

The incredibly corrupt trade union monster Histadrut revoked the major strike planned for July 1 after the Finance Ministry agreed to abandon the plan to substantially lower income and corporate taxes for all Jews while simultaneously closing Histadrut’s tax loopholes.

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