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Palestinian Islamic Jihad fires Kassam rockets at Israel after the IDF killed PIJ operative in the West Bank. Hamas blamed Israel for provoking the otherwise peaceful terrorists.

Aryeh Eldad barred from the Knesset for a day after citing the penal code section 97B: “Anyone who intentionally caused any territory to fall under the authority of a foreign country, is liable to death or life imprisonment.”

The Dromi Law allows Israelis to open fire at any reasonable intruder into their home, business, or farm area. The law is dubbed after the Jewish farmer who shot a Bedouin robber last year.
The bill, nice as it is, runs against the commandment which prohibits killing robbers in daytime. The commandment wouldn’t apply to an armed robber, dangerous to the owner.

A conference of Palestinian donors took place in Berlin to provide almost $200 million to the terrorist police and its revolutionary courts. Speaking to donors, the Fatah gang bookkeeper Fayad exclaimed, “We have security!” condemning Israel’s raid which killed two Muslim terrorists. The raid, which so irritated Fayad, discovered a cache of weapons and explosives intended… no, not against Egypt.

Bibi Netanyahu explained to Sarkozy that only united Jerusalem will guarantee freedom for all (the three?) religions. No-no, no freedom. Cleanse our Temple Mount from the Muslim structures.

Amnesty slammed the draft bill which would put African migrants in jail. Maybe our liberal friends would bring those thousands of Black illegals to their own homes in America? Say, every Amnesty’s donor houses one African family? No? Then shut up.

Arkady GaydamakArkady Gaydamak is a rich person of Jewish origin whose abominable surname refers to Ukrainian Jew-slaughterers. Under multiple investigations in Europe and Israel, Gaydamak runs in the Knesset and Jerusalem mayor elections.
In the interview to newsru.co.il, Gaydamak declared Netanyahu the only capable politician in Israel (other than Gaydamak himself, of course), but “too heavy-handed” to Arabs. Gaydamak believes Israel should be more just to Arabs, and calls for strengthening relations with Putin’s government and Russian Orthodox Church, a major force behind pogrom waves in Russia.

Gabriela ShalevTzipi Livni appointed Gabriela Shalev of Hebrew University Law School despite the concerted opposition by Olmert, Barak, Peres, and Dalia Yitzik who wanted Israel ’s ex-consul in New York Alon Pinchas. Unlike Pinchas, Gabriela Shalev has no idea of the American politics. It is important for Livni to control the media-friendly UN position in the wake of her bid in Kadima primaries.

Hundreds of Israeli, foreign leftist radicals, Arabs throw stones at Israeli police near Naalin village in Judea.

June 2008
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