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Avodah Party faction decided to support the dispersal bill in preliminary reading. The Labor ministers opposed the decision after Olmert vowed to kick them out from the government if they vote for its dispersal.
Olmert works frantically to bribe Sha$ and UTJ with subsidies to mega-families and money for ultra-Orthodox schools so that the religious special interests would oppose the Knesset dispersal.

The ex-Chief of Staff argues obvious things: ransoming Shalit would provoke future kidnappings, and the exchange ratio is madly lopsided.
We’ve been saying the same unpleasant thing for some time. Other Israelis are more politically correct.
Dozens of combat reservists signed a petition to Chief of Staff Ashkenazi asking him to not ransom them should they be taken prisoners.

Speaking at Tel Aviv University, “The demand of the Palestinians for a home of their own is the very thing which causes our demand for a Jewish homeland to be legitimate.”

With 50-70% of the world’s Jewry residing outside of Israel, Olmert’s announcement amounts to dismal failure of Zionist state. Why would American Jews emigrate to a Middle Eastern country full of Arabs, with quasi-socialist economy, totalitarian courts and government-controlled media, and bankrupt ideology?

courts, and police.
Israeli security officials decry the Fatah police is ineffective against terrorists. Palestinian court recently sentenced to death an Arab who informed Israel on Palestinian terrorists – the very thing Fatah promised to do under the Oslo Accords. Palestinian jails act as hostels for Arab terrorists where they hide from Israeli hunters.

Lebanon asks Arab donors for half a billion dollars to repair the Palestinian refugee camp destroyed by Lebanese army fighting Fatah al Islam terrorist group. That amounts to about $100,000 per refugee family.

In Sarkozy’s Knesset speech, Jews heard vague commitments to Israeli security while Palestinians praised his insistence on removing Israeli settlements.
There were no settlements prior to 1969. Why did Arabs went to war with Israel in 1967?

in the new round of sanctions. Iran moved its European assets into Asian banks a week ago.

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