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Israel’s prime minister threatens to fire any ministers of the Avodah Party who vote for the bill to disperse the Knesset. Olmert’s move is reasonable: if the government is so bad that the Knesset has to be dispersed, how come those good ministers sits in the bad government? The threat targets Barak who would be left out of planning the Iran attack.

In no self-respecting country a president and prime minister would wait for a foreign guest at the airport. It is a standard diplomatic protocol that mid-level officials meet honorary foreign guests at the airport.

Meir Dagan, MossadThe government has extended Meir Dagan’s contract as the chief of Mossad due to his highly successful achievements which recently included assassination of Mughniyeh and almost accidental discovery of Syria’s nuclear program. Olmert doesn’t want to change Dagan in the middle of the Iran crisis.

Update: Netanyahu confirmed Meir Dagan as the Mossad’s chief for another year.

Palestinian prisoners in IsraelB’Tselem reports than only 49% of Palestinian terrorists taken prisoner by the IDF are abused, and of those many are abused just once, and the abuse consists in the soldiers just kicking them before interrogation.
The crazy Israeli army filed charges against Jewish soldiers on a third of the Palestinian complaints.

The moronic Supreme Court of Israel ordered the government to keep Gaza crossings closed until Shalit family meets the government negotiator. The court’s order brings Israel into the direct violation of ceasefire agreement.
Shalit family wants the court to keep Gaza crossings close unless Hamas returns their son.

murder of AltalenaIn 1948, acting on Ben Gurion’s orders, Haganah detachment under the command of Yitzhak Rabin drowned the Altalena ship.
Menachem Begin’s ETZEL fighter group used the Altalena to transport huge quantities of weapons which Israel desperately needed in the War of Independence. According to ETZEL agreement with Haganah, the weapons were to be shared. After the brief quarrel with Haganah commanders, the ship left Yaffo dock and stood on the raid in Tel Aviv.
At that point, Rabin opened fire at the defenseless ship, and continued even after it threw white flag. Rabin refused to allow evacuation of wounded Jews from the ship, and directed fire onto the Jews who jumped from the sunken ship and swam to the shore unarmed. 16 Jews from ETZEL were thus murdered in cold blood on Rabin’s order.
A huge crowd on Jewish leftist onlookers assembled on the shore but did nothing to stop the slaughter. Ben Gurion said about the murder, “Blessed be the cannon that shot the Altalena.” Decades later, asked in America to recount his experiences in the War of Independence, Rabin the murderer of Altalena hysterically boasted of “shooting and shooting” the Jews who swam for survival.
ETZEL refused to retaliate against fellow Jews for the murder.

Yongbyon nuclear reactorby blowing up the cooling grill. It is a moderate trouble to repair such a reactor.

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