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Israeli police clash with Jewish settlersIsraeli police has again attacked Jewish village of Yitzhar in the Arab-occupied Samaria. This time, 200 policemen arrived to search for illegal arms which the settlers need for self-defense against their good Arab neighbors. Finding no weapons, police destroyed an illegally build concrete shade. No one cares about tens of thousands of houses Arabs build illegally in their villages.
Unsatisfied with demolishing a shade, police illegally, without a court order, demolished a prefab house where a Jewish family was to move in in ten days after their marriage.
Jewish settlers hurled some small rocks at the police, 8 of whom were very lightly wounded. Police wounded 11 protesters with clubs, dragged, arrested others.

the EU offered it for stopping uranium enrichment. Earlier, Iran refused to negotiate the enrichment.
Perhaps the Iranian foreign minister is lying. Also, they may want to drag the negotiations. Maybe, Iran has already enriched the necessary quantity of uranium. It is unlikely that Iran would end its nuclear program.

Really? What are you guys waiting for?

slammed into a house in Sderot hours before the truce went into effect. Mr. Shikore, his wife and three children were lucky enough to hide in the protected room.

The Kassam Brigades members are deployed throughout Gaza to assure that rival militants don’t fire Kassam rockets at Israel.
Mashaal’s rep in charge of the Kassam Brigades is promoted to Gaza’s Interior Minister.

Tel Aviv stock exchange personnel demands 50% wage increase and another 50% annual bonus.

Speaking in Berlin, Italian Foreign Minister admitted that EU officials routinely criticize Israel as a means of expressing their antisemitism.

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