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Education Ministry released figures which show the ratio of pupils with outstanding results in religious schools double those in atheist schools. Unsurprisingly, Arab schools produce nearly no outstanding students.

Ehud BarakDefense Minister Barak reiterated the release of Cpl. Shalit is the primary goal of Israeli truce with Hamas. Palestinian terrorists will violate the truce with Gaza soon, but the primary objectives would be fulfilled by then, and Barak would claim victory even though Israel has lost.
The absurdity of ceasefire with Gaza should be clear. Both Egypt and the Palestinians would violate their promise to stop weapons smuggling into Gaza. Hamas will dig in, gain popular support for forcing Israel to terms. For this very reason, Hamas intensified rocket and mortar attacks on Israel – to claim having forced Israel to ceasefire and abandoning the blockade of Gaza.
On the other hand, the blockade never worked, anyway, as Gazans remained loyal to Hamas despite economic hardships.

Condi Rice’s 21st visit to Israel was unremarkable despite her hysterical comments on Israeli construction in Jerusalem. Everyone understands that in a few months the Black Plague is on her way out, miserably failed in her attempts to sell the Jewish state to Arabs.

while the courageous Palestinian fighters were planting a land mine near the Sufa Crossing.
IAF hit a few other Arabs in Gaza in a separate mission.

even though polls indicate overwhelming opposition in Israel against ceding the Golan Heights to Syria. Israeli-Syrian peace talks brought the terrorist state of Syria out of the international isolation.
Sarkozy’s advisers also met Assad.
Syria reiterated it does not intend to cut its ties with Iran.
The Golan Heights have been under modern Syrian jurisdiction for mere decades.

Recently, Austria refused extraditing a major Nazi war criminal Asner to Croatia to face genocide trial, as he was deemed too sick. British newspaper The Sun secretly filmed Asner enjoying life from cafes to football matches.
Austria is not keen on prosecution Asner – or other Nazi criminals, for that matter – domestically, as such trials offend Austrians who wholeheartedly supported the Holocaust.

though the majority of the Knesset members approved it. The bill, theoretically, would do away with the monopoly of large parties and allow independent candidates with narrow regional support into the Knesset.
Shas voters are concentrated in religious neighborhoods, and such a bill would have diminished the number of Shas MKs.
Long past are the days when Rabbi Kahane, banned from the Knesset, directed his followers to vote for Shas.

OspreyIAF looks to purchase a $70 million Osprey aircraft with helicopter capabilities. Several Osprey planes crashed during test flights, killing many American soldiers.
USAF is very cautious about Osprey, and Boeing looks for foreign customers. Israel also eyes F/A-22 stealth fighter jet, so expensive that the USAF cut its initial order. F/A-22 lacks any air opponent, is unnecessarily advanced.
Israel became the dump for expensive, useless American weapons which we must purchase with the annual US aid.
It is illustrative that Israel abandoned production of her famed Uzi machine guns after the US Army dumped on Israel huge numbers of M-16 at just $60 a piece. M-16 is not a dependable weapon in desert conditions.

The Rabbinate allows only 21 American rabbis to conduct Jewish conversion, giyur, out of the 1,200 practitioners.
Tens of thousands of Jews who performed the giyur-lite earlier will pass through confirmation exams.

In the interview to Al Jazeera, JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim confirmed that his guerrillas have a permanent representation in Israel. He also claimed that top Sudanese officials routinely and secretly meet in Israel with Jewish officials.

Modified Kassam missiles struck Israeli port city of Ashkelon.
Katyusha-type Grad rockets have to be smuggled into Gaza, but Kassam rockets are manufactured locally in any quantities.
It is hard to point out any other state which would tolerate rocket attacks from an insignificant territory for the full seven years.

in Hebron. Police banned the ultra-leftists from Hebron after they constantly stirred troubles, inciting Palestinians and provoking the religious Jews there.
Israeli Supreme Court hears the leftists’ petition to get back in Hebron.

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