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Despite their tough talk and consensus on the large-scale operation in Gaza, Israeli ministers in the security cabinet decided against the invasion. Israel will work with Egypt on the ceasefire in Gaza.
No curses are too obscene for the Olmert-Barak-Livni trio. Possibly, Barak and Livni are trying to bar Olmert the political respite and surge of popularity through Gaza invasion.

Zehava Gal-OnAn unknown correspondent offered the MK to experience “a string of orgasms,” probably to change her Jew-hating political rhetoric.
Zehava is so ugly that the complaint could be meant to boost her reputation.

The Labor Party joined others to support dissolving this Knesset. The bloc, theoretically, might gather 74 votes out of 120 in favor of reelection. The witch hunt signals the end of the last traces of law in Israel: the prime minister who is not even indicted on absurd, common charges is forced to step down by a bunch of no less corrupt crooks. Barak, Netanyahu, Lieberman – all of whom made riches from their civil service, who engage in the very same – more massive – violations of campaign financing as attributed to Olmert, are screaming him down. The Arabs and ultra-left Meretz scum joined the chorus, even though they represent infinitely greater threat to Israel than Olmert’s meager financial irregularities.
The move to dissolve the Knesset comes at the time when Iran is months away from developing a nuclear bomb. In fact, Iran will put the final touches to its nukes while Israeli political crooks would be busy with their election campaigns.
It remains to be seen whether Olmert will follow Barak and Sharon’s example and push with the peace process to gain support with the left – or would break the hell loose by invading Gaza and attacking Iran while still in the office. Olmert the great tactician, though, still can outmaneuver his opponents – to call them “political opponents” would be too charitable, indeed.

peacekeeping missions in various odd countries.
Israeli Jews, of course, have volunteered enough for Sderot, for rebuilding the war-shattered Jewish communities in the North, for repairing bomb shelters, for helping poor and elderly Jews, and for other equally unimportant tasks in Israel.

Dozens of reservists from the elite units which would enter Gaza in the upcoming operation signed a petition to the IDF to avoid exchanging them, if captured, for the imprisoned Arab terrorists.

Knesset approved in the first reading a bill which refuses compensation to the Arabs of Judea and Samaria who somewhat suffered during the IDF’s antiterrorist operations there.
Israeli judicial system still lacks clear guidance on whether Jews can sue the Fatah Authority and individual Palestinians for terrorist acts against Jews.
Despite several threats, Israel fails to deduct compensations to Jewish victims of Palestinian terrorism from Israel’s monthly payments to Fatah.

Kadima primaries will replace Olmert with Livni unless he persuades her to retract. Oddly enough, Olmert authorized primaries even though he is nowhere close to being indicted, let alone convicted.
It is rather unlikely that Olmert suffered a failure of nerves and decided to step down. One option is that he expects to devastate Morris Talansky on (or before) the July 17 cross-examination. With threat of indictment thus dismissed, primaries would no longer be required.
Two, Olmert might be dragging the things. Until the primaries, he can invade Gaza, attack Iran, and do other things which would make the election campaign impossible. He can also try garnering the left’s support for speeding up the Jewish national game of collective suicide, the peace process.
The hint seems to be in Olmert’s instruction to Hanegbi to prepare the primaries “quickly.” What does he mean by that, we don’t know yet.
Olmert’s approval of the primaries bought him a tactical respite: Barak withdrew the Labor’s support for the petition to disperse the current Knesset, which would have forced new elections in November. For Barak, the Kadima primaries are a face-saving measure: he does not support Olmert and is all for change, but there is no need for the elections because Olmert will step down after the primaries.

Israeli Finance Minister Bar On suggested gradual cuts in the income tax rates, to bring low-income tax rate to 10%. To offset the move, Bar On wants to repeal tax benefits on the Histadrut fraudulent “work education funds” which mostly educate the trade union bosses during their foreign vacations.
Naturally, Histadrut is furious.

Police interrogated mayors of Sderot, Petah Tikva, Ramat ha-Sharon on various criminal charges.

Ultra-left sham of an MK Zehava Gal On lashed against the bill which would allow Israelis unrestricted use of firearms against potentially violent robbers. The bill is meant to protect Jewish farmers against the incessant Arab attacks. Gal On declared that the bill allows shooting innocent people; indeed, it is no big guilt for Arabs to rob Jews.

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