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Residents of Kedumim Jewish village in Samaria protest the IDF’s ugly behavior this Sabbath. More than a hundred Arabs attacked the nearby Shvut Ami hamlet (“illegal outpost“), hurled stones at Jewish women and children. After many hours, an IDF detachment arrived, fired in the air failing to disperse the Arabs who knew full well the soldiers are prohibited from shooting them, and retreated. Shortly thereafter, the army came again – to evict the Jews.

Speaking to the ultra-powerful AIPAC lobby, Obama declared that undivided Jerusalem must remain the capital of Jewish state. That positions him as slightly more Jewish than Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni.
Of course, we shouldn’t trust that fellow, a long-time acquaintance of one of the most antisemitic Black pastors in America.

after Kassam rocket hit near the Palestinian side of Nahal Oz fuel terminal. It’s somewhat odd for Gazans to attack their only source of fuel.
The closure won’t last for long.

Avraham HirchsonFormer Finance Minister of Israel, former head of Israeli monopolist trade union Histadrut Avraham Hirchson, three other top officials of Histadrut are charged with stealing at least $1.5 million from the trade union. Hirchson and his accomplices forged and cashed checks.
Besides the stolen amount, Hirchson received huge benefits from Histadrut, including paid personal trips.

Arab citizens of Israel, Knesset members from Balad (“Our land” – meaning, not Jewish) party vowed to disregard Attorney General Mazuz’ ban on meeting with Bshara, a fugitive Arab MK, indicted for treason and spying for Hezbollah. The Balad boss Zahalka announced that he and his fellow Arabs have common political interests with Bshara and will continue meeting him in the enemy state of Lebanon or Syria – presumably, under Hezbollah auspices.

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