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After Israel transferred to Lebanon a convicted Hezbollah spy, Hezbollah reciprocated with releasing to Israel some body parts of fallen Israeli soldiers.

Olmert’s successor-elect Shaul Mofaz boasts he can form a new government with the current Knesset, if he wins Kadima primaries.
On the other hand, changing this Knesset for equally corrupt next isn’t worth the effort.

Iran’s nuclear negotiator who for years heroically stonewalled IAEA inspections is promoted to the top of Iran’s political hierarchy.
How long would we bear stupid reports that Iranians are dissatisfied with Ahmadinejad’s nuclear standoff? The across-the-border support for Larijani proves there is no opposition in Iran to nuclear development.

London Sunday Times, a semi-official paper for Israeli news leaks, published a piece on Tzipi Livni’s career in Mossad. Apparently, her job had something to do with hunting down Arabs (“terrorists”) in Europe, which he quit because of work pressures.
Livni would be unable to publish this secret information in Israel, but needs an informational boost for Kadima primaries.

Along with the US and Russia, Israel rejected the international ban on cluster bombs, which proved so useful against civilian targets in Lebanon.

During the last year, shekel rose by a third to dollar, a whopping increase which trashed Israeli non-high tech export. Though the shekel increase was triggered by the falling dollar, the underlying reason is the extreme weakness of consumer market in Israel.
Israel tops the world list of social inequality: much of the Jewish population is pauperized and even the middle class is poor by the Western standards. Accordingly, consumer imports in Israel are very low.
When rich Jews and a few large foreign investors bring their money into Israel in the US dollars, there is no offsetting increase in consumer imports, and therefore shekel rises. Such rise, however, is not a sign of healthy economy but rather of the highly stratified oligarchic one.
Central Bank of Israel lacks sufficient reserves to offset the inflow of dollars into the country. To stem the rising shekel, Israel must introduce emergency controls on non-productive foreign investments. Restrict or heavily tax purchases of real estate in Israel by foreigners. Ban very large remittances to Israel by Jews who earn their money abroad (the Gaydamak syndrome). Stop foreign aid and Israeli Bonds. Closely evaluate large foreign investments in Israel, only allowing them in the productive sphere rather than passive projects like real estate development.
Oligarchic lobby in the government would likely block any such moves.

The Jewish farmers ask the truck drivers to stop delivering food and medicines to Gazans who shell the farmers daily. The army and police at the scene tacitly support the kibbutzniks.

Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are walking today in the annual show of support for Israel. Almost 10% of Israeli citizens permanently live in New York.

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