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Two Arabs indicted in New York for plotting to broadcast Hezbollah’s Al Manar TV station on cable TV. The problem is, Al Manar is a duly licensed TV station in Lebanon, whose government the US recognizes.
Years earlier, the State Department declared Kahane Chai’s website a foreign terrorist entity.
Freedom of speech is becoming selective in our days.

Tzipi LivniKadima Party mulls early primaries to be ready for Olmert’ stepping down in case he is indicted. Though 70% of the party members support Tzipi Livni, Olmert props Mofaz. Kadima stands no chances in the Knesset elections with Mofaz at the helm. Olmert beheads his own party so that he remains the only viable candidate for leading the party’s list. If Mofaz wins the Kadima primaries, all Kadima MKs would resist early elections as a predictable loss.

at Sufa Crossing. Hamas arranged the crowd after Friday prayers. Hamas tests Israeli nerves with the provocations which emulate recent border breach with Egypt in Rafah. Hamas wants to see what would Israel do about hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians chanting anti-Israeli slogans and marching through the border on Jewish towns.
So far, the IDF is authorized to use live ammunition, and 7 Arabs reported wounded. Their small number suggests being wounded in the crowd rather than by Israeli fire.
No country would dream to allow the population of hostile territory, practically at war, to cross unimpeded. The Road Map peace plan requires unimpeded movement between Gaza and the West Bank for Arabs, inundating Israel with terrorists and effectively cutting the Jewish state into two parts.

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