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Upon returning home, a Jewish family saw the house wall damaged by a direct hit of Kassam rocket, named after mullah Izz ad Din Kassam, instigator of Jewish pogroms in Palestine when there was no Jewish state yet and no occupied lands of 1967.
Several other shells and rocket landed in the Negev townships.

out of the 20,000 total.
Israel is expected to release at least 2,000 Muslim terrorists in prisoner exchanges with Hezbollah (Regev) and Hamas (Shalit).

US consultants trained the Fatah thugs in Jordan. Israel and America arms the Fatah.

Washington Post reported the US intelligence estimate that Syria has at least three more nuclear sites. The announcement probably means to put pressure on Syria to abstain from supporting Iran in the upcoming attack – or face an attack itself on the alleged nuclear support sites.

Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture ordered reworking plows into swords: tractors in the Negev district will be reinforced against rocket and mortar fire from Gaza.
It takes a kibbutznik’s determination to conduct agricultural works under Arab fire.

hoopoeThe imbecile president of Israel called Shimon Peres approved hoopoe as Israel’s official symbol. Judaism, incidentally, declares hoopoe as non-kosher, unclean bird. Josephus proudly describes an incident where the Roman troops brought standards with eagle into Jerusalem, at which point the entire population gathered and offered their necks to be killed rather than allow the forbidden image in the Jewish capital.

The scum protest erection of security barrier in the vicinity of Ramallah.
The army treated the leftists benevolently, injuring 12 living souls only.
IDF usually beats right-wing Jewish protesters by dozens even though they never came close to throwing Molotov cocktails at the army but merely engage in peaceful civil protests.

Nasim Nasar, an Israeli citizen who aided Hezbollah, will be deported to Lebanon this Sunday.

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