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Defense Minister, Avodah Party leader Ehud Barak demands that Olmert steps down even though the prime minister is not even indicted and the prospects of conviction are very slight.
The funny part is that the call comes from Barak: a notoriously corrupt politician who infamously gave Arafat Israel’s only significant gas field near Ashkelon. Barak ostensibly brokered the gas deal with Arafat to make the Palestinian Authority economically viable (at the negligible expense of Jews now buying gas from Egypt). In reality, Barak transferred the Ashkelon offshore gas field to Arafat so that he signs a contract with British Gas in circumvention of Israel’s tender requirements.
A possibility remains that Barak is so keen at ousting Olmert because he wants the credit for attacking Iran.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef backed Chief Sephardic Rabbi Shlomo Amar, in charge of conversions in Israel, in Rabbi Amar’s not madly stringent approach to conversion. In contrast, ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi community’s rabbis demand evermore stringent conversions, beyond absurdity. Ashkenazi rabbinical court recently nixed hundreds of past conversions by Israel’s Conversion Authority, and Shas MKs moved Olmert to essentially fire the Conversion Authority’s head Rabbi Druckman.

Egyptian border police found a 1,000 lbs of TNT explosive ready to be smuggled into Gaza, a drop in the sea of weapons and explosives smuggled there from Egypt.

on the order of European Human Rights court. Klein is one of many IDF men who trained guerrilla forces in Columbia – against other guerrillas and the government. Russia extradites Col.Klein to Columbia.
The European Human Rights court rarely issues cease-and-desist orders, and usually takes months or years to evaluate a petition. The French court is notoriously corrupt and Klein’s attorneys were evidently able to bend the rules.

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