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For years, Gazans dump untreated organic waste in the Mediterranean. The water flow delivers Arab feces, swarming with coli bacilla and equally dangerous stuff, north to Ashkelon water treatment plant which supplies 13% of Israeli drinking water.

The pathological anti-Semite was interrogated in Ben Gurion for some hours and then evicted from the Holy Land. Unlike the relatively honest self-hating Jew Noam Chomsky, Finkelstein is a liar and denies Israel’s right to exist.
1.5 million of Israeli Arabs share Norman Finkelstein’s opinions but, unlike him, are not yet evicted.

Shabak head Diskin announced that Hamas possesses rockets capable to striking Ashdod.
After the increased hits at northern Ashkelon, it doesn’t take an intelligence organization to predict attacks on Ashdod.

An Israeli Arab named Majadle serves as the Minister of Science even though he lacks even high school diploma. Together with other ministers, he listened to Olmert’s brief on the negotiations with Syria. Majadle has access to military research conducted under his ministry’s auspices.

amid Egyptian media outcry that the Egyptian-born Jews contemplate demands for restoration of their property.
Egypt, like other Arab countries, support the Palestinian refugees right of return to Israel, not only compensations for their property.

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