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After the two years of standoff, the US-propped “democratic” government of Lebanon ceded more ministerial portfolios to Hezbollah, giving it the government majority.

Amid the peace promises and commitments to reduce the number of roadblocks that intercept Palestinians and terrorists in the West Bank, the number of roadblocks actually increased. The UN whines that in the last six months Israel removed 103 roadblocks and added 144, bringing the total to 607.

Tony Blair, the “impartial” envoy of the truth-seeking Quartet, flew in a private plane from the Sinai to Bethlehem, from one terrorist nest to another. He calls it from one economic forum to another. Anyway, Blair’s plane refused to identify itself to Israeli air traffic controllers, prompting IAF jets to interception. Of course, no one is going to reimburse Israel with a few hundred thousand dollars’ cost of flying the aircraft on the false alarm.
The UN and Quartet officials stir many troubles at roadblocks refusing routine inspection.

in Jerusalem after the attempted break-in failed. Guess by whom.

where Olmert stayed in America, paid by Morris Talansky. A similar scandal recently plagued Netanyahu who stayed in London during the 2006 Lebanon war in hotel apartments paid by a Jewish contributor.
Though morally questionable, it’s not illegal for anyone to accept payment for his hotel stay from someone else.

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