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of $129 per barrel. When Osama bin Laden announced a decade ago that Muslim terrorists would jack the oil price to $115, everyone derided him as madman.
Thanks to the US invasion of Iraq, the oil price predictably keeps rising. There is no economic reason for the oil price hike: Iraq’s official output is stable, black market shipments from Kurdistan are on the rise, and world’s demand is not soaring. The increase of oil price is entirely attributable to speculators who exploit popular uncertainty over Iraq and Iran.
America’s clients: Kuwait, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia do nothing to stem the skyrocketing oil price. Instead, they enjoy immense profits – and spend them for American weapons. US oil corporations – Bush’s greatest friends – also enjoy windfall profits. As long as rising oil price does not threaten recession in America, Republicans need not fear voters’ anger.
All of this makes the US attack on Iran still more likely, as it can easily double the oil price.

as Olmert’s government set Shalit’s release a firm condition of ceasefire with Gaza. It is an odd idea to continue endangering Sderot and Ashkelon over a single Israeli MIA.

Missionaries scattered their books in the religious community of Or Yehuda, the fact which prompted its mayor to call upon the residents to collect and burn that literature on a pyre near synagogue. Messianics demand that the religious Jews who promptly dispatched of those books be put on trial.
Messianics are a great danger to Israel, as their determination appeals to many souls emptied by post-Zionism. In clear violation of the commandments, Israel hesitates expelling them to Christian countries.

Ahmadi Nejad appeals to the expected coming of Imam Mahdi, a boy who became lost eleven centuries ago and expected to return and save Shia Muslims – now against Zionists.
In claiming affinity with Mahdi, Ahmadinejad unusually brings religion into Iranian politics, and steps onto crash course with mullahs who view religion as their own precinct.
Ahmadinejad seems to be desperate and increasingly out of touch with reality. His popularity as a secular politician is very high among Iranians long disenchanted with the ayatollahs, and will increase at their expense now as Ahmadinejad assumes a modicum of religious rhetoric.

Israel State Comptroller prepared the largest-ever report on government’s misdoings.
Shimon Peres as the Galilee and Negev Development Minister collected one billion shekels of private donations in 2006 for rebuilding Israeli north after the rocket attacks – but Lindenstrauss found no traces of that money. Presidential elections are not cheap, apparently.
State Comptroller points out massive corruption and inefficiency in Livni’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Israeli government brought 140,000 Ethiopians, mostly Christians, into the country, but does nothing to assimilate them into Israeli society. Those rootless immigrants turn into criminals.
Even the State Comptroller is concerned with dwindling discipline in Israeli schools and its effects on deteriorating education.
The government fails to stop infiltration by African migrants into Israel, and at least 5,000 of them claimed refugee status (only 0.4% of them were recognized as refugees).
Lindenstrauss addressed a notorious problem of prefabricated houses the government purchased for the 1990s immigrants from the USSR. The prefab houses are junk, unsuitable for living, purchased at inflated prices. The government spent a quarter of $40 million earmarked for repairing those houses for court expenses.

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