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Al Hayat reports the “president” of the Palestinian non-state prepares a formal announcement – which, presumably, would kick out the third intifada. Abbas is reportedly frustrated with the US abandoning its pressure on Israel in favor of the suicidal peace process. If so, well and good. We need the Arabs to revolt in order to expel them from Judea and Samaria into Jordan.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak formally delivered Israeli rejection of the Egyptian brokered ceasefire to the ailing dictator Hosni Mubarak. According to Barak, the ceasefire should not only include almost-impossible cessation of weapons smuggling from Egypt into Gaza, but an altogether impossible end to terrorist funding. In other words, Hamas should refuse all donations.
Sexual predator cum vice prime minister Haim Ramon announced that Israeli government negotiates with Hamas through Egypt. Oddly, that leftist who is willing to cede Jerusalem to Arabs, rejects ceasefire with Hamas.

During today’s hearing on Olmert-Talansky affair, state attorney accused Olmert of accepting “envelops with cash” from Talansky. Therefore, only trivial amounts of money are in question. Never mind that every politician, in Israel and abroad, accepts unregistered donations; they are not elected to be saints.

French FM confirmed informal talks with Hamas.

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America lambasted the landmark decision by California’s Supreme Court which declared legal restrictions on same-sex “marriage” unconstitutional. The court’s decision came out even though a majority of Californians voted against homosexual “marriage.” California is a national tend-setter in the US, and the court’s decision will trigger a wave of similar rulings in other states.
Judaism, which mandates execution or banishment of practicing homosexuals, would look very odd in the society where homosexual “marriage” is legal. Israel legalized homosexual unions long ago.

Two decades ago, the mad Supreme Court of Israel acquitted Ivan Demjanyuk, ruling that he is not “Ivan the Terrible,” an infamous sadistic Ukrainian guard of Treblinka death camp. The acquittal hinged on earlier recollections by an escapee from Treblinka surmising that he had killed Demjanyuk during the escape. The court took for testimony what was obviously wishful thinking, even though survivors recognized Demjanyuk.

Since then, Demjanyuk returned to the US where the Supreme Court decided now to extradite him as war criminal.

It is a shame for all Jews that no one yet tortured that scum to death, but extradition to Poland or Ukraine might make the task of good Jews even easier.

near Schem, one of those whose removal Condi Rice demands. The terrorist was betrayed by wires hanging from below his clothes.

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