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Jerusalem Post reports Bush said during his meeting with young Israelis that Israel should improve its treatment of minorities.
Er… They build illegally, don’t pay taxes or municipal services, don’t serve for three years in the army, and scream on our Temple Mount. What else can we do for our neighbors, Mr. President?

The US Administration reportedly requested Turkey to intensify its mediating efforts between Israel and Syria. Israel has no intention of settling with Syria which refuses to sever ties with Iran or dismantle its huge arsenal of missiles. The US move is meant to pressure Iran by pretending to wooing Syria away from it.

near the village of Yitzhar, the usual field of confrontations. Jews counterattacked stone-throwing Palestinians, at which point the army drove the Arabs away.

that under political orders he routinely endangers Israeli pilots to low-altitude missions over Gaza, putting Israeli helicopters and fighter jets in the range of Palestinian anti-aircraft fire.
Once Palestinians down one or two Israeli helicopters, the nature of war in Gaza would change. Israel will no longer use the fire-range tactics of shooting the terrorist nests from the above, as such tactics in Gaza will become prohibitively expensive, but will send ground troops for limited and highly lethal incursions in urban combat.

According to the Guttman Center poll, the proportion of Israeli Jews who strongly identify with Israel, continues to dwindle. The destruction of Gush Katif and the continued leftist policies saw the ratio of haredi Jews who support Israel diminishing from the 85% in 2003 to merely 42%. Socialist regulation, political indecisiveness, and lack of economic opportunities decreased the sense of belonging to Israel among Russian Jews from 84% in 2004 to 58%. 37% of young Israelis want to leave the country. If that seems youthful silliness, 30% of Jewish adults share their opinion.
And Arabs continue breeding.

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