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The UN’s Ban Ki Moon called Abu Mazen to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian catastrophe, Naqba. The catastrophe means the founding of the Jewish state in accordance with the UN resolution.
Israel’s UN mission responded by petitioning the UN to avoid using the term “naqba”. As if that changes anything for 1.5 million of Israeli Arabs.

The Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced he curtails his urge to attack Gaza and waits for the proper time to attack Hamas. It remains unclear why the time was not proper two years ago or now, or what Hamas has to do with PIJ and PRC attacks on Israel.
Ehud Barak promised the end to rocket attacks from Gaza within several months. It seems the army prepares for the confrontation with Iran, and don’t want to be bogged down in Gaza but relies on ending the Iranian support for the Palestinian guerrillas.

Israel’s best friend and a great peacemaker (just like Jimmy Carter was) finished celebrating Israel’s Independence Day and now flies to Saudi Arabia, the prime sponsor of Wahhabite Islam and terrorism worldwide, a sponsor for the Pakistani nuclear program. Bush will spend a day at the royal horse farm near Riyadh with the horse owner.

early in the morning, with no children present. The Gaza school is messianic, caters to Muslims. Hamas vowed to investigate.

Shimon Peres finally arranged private financing for his Red Sea – Dead Sea channel from Jewish billionaires. Ex-Soviet Jews readily recognize the communist mega-projects of turning the rivers backwards and connecting the seas.
A multibillion-dollar project spells ecological catastrophe for the Dead Sea and creates up to a million jobs primarily for Jordanians.

The Quartet envoy praised the excellent skills of the Fatah “police” which they will unleash on Hamas – or on Israel.

of visiting Russian pop-singers in Tel Aviv. Sort of a Jewish identity.

The Saudi princeling refused Bush’s request to increase the oil production in order to stem the price hike. According to Saudi king, his country supplies all the oil the customers ask for and there is no unfulfilled demand. That statement is technically wrong, as oil demand might dwindle in response to rising prices, and so Saudi Arabia would always face the exact demand it is willing to supply.
Presently, however, there are no signs of dwindling demand. Modern economy is much more energy-efficient than in 1970s and weathers the rising oil prices well.
Russian oil supply increased considerably over the years. Iraq is nominally pumping approximately the pre-war volume, but really much more as black market supply goes out from Kurdistan. The oil hike price is entirely attributable to commodity speculators who profit from the irrelevant instability in Iraq.
In the crazy post-modern world, corporate fascism and liberalism work for the same goals: oil corporations profit immensely from the rising prices, and liberals protest imposition of the “colonial” supply requirements onto Iraq and Kuwait, ostensibly liberated and surely controlled by the US, and on Saudi Arabia which the US protects from Iran.

The tape sports a voice which doesn’t sound like Bin Laden’s old tapes, and a still picture dating back some years. Of course, if Al Qaeda wanted to post Osama’s speech, a normal video would have been prepared.
The fake Osama lashed at length at Israel for oppressing the poor Palestinian terrorists and vowed to defend every inch of the land the Palestinians consider theirs.

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