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at Erez Crossing, made warning shots after dozens of friendly Arabs hurled stones on the troops guarding the Israeli border.

Iran’s offer to the UN includes vague economic and energy talks but not the Iranian nuclear program. Iran also denounced the latest round of the UN sanctions as illegal – which is true, as Iran is a Non-Proliferation Treaty member and the US intelligence report sais it lacks a weapons program.

in the UN for rocket attacks from Gaza. Olmert’s government is always ready to defend Israeli citizens.

Some of the quotes from Bush’s speech in Jerusalem:

“Muslims will realize the injustice of their [Hamas] cause.” Oh yeah. The incorruptible Hamas is unjust, and the US-propped Fatah thugs are the justice incorporated.
“America won’t break ties with Israel.” Sure, it will rather break Israel, forcing her to give Judea to Muslims.
“[Iran], the world’s leader of terrorism, must not be allowed to obtain the deadliest weapons.” In case Bush missed it, the world’s premier sponsor of terrorism is Saudi Arabia, full of Bush’s cronies. Another Islamic state, Pakistan, provides the largest numbers of terrorists with safe haven and has nuclear weapons, about which Bush does nothing. He is only concerned with Iranian nuclear weapons because they threaten Saudi Arabia, not Israel.
Bush pronounced young Palestinian suicide bombers “innocent children” to whom the evil ones strap the explosive belts.
Bush showed his great understanding of the world’s affairs saying that Hamas and Hezbollah fight Israel because she’s a beacon of liberty. Not only the liberties in Israel would sound rather fascist to most Americans (censorship, administrative detention of Jews without charges, imprisoning for political expression, sentencing of minors for political dissent), but Hamas and Hezbollah fight Israel for a different reason: they want the Jews out from what they believe is Arab land. (And that’s why we should expel the Arabs whose hostility is unrelenting.)
Trying to be funny, Bush said that the Palestinian people will eventually get a democratic state governed by the law, respectful of human rights, and free of terrorism.

The police brought a star witness in the interrogation of a rich American Jew Daniel Abraham: the taxi driver claims to have witnessed the transfer of envelopes full of cash from Abraham to Olmert.
Really, the mayor of Jerusalem accepts bribes personally, on the street, in the taxi, in many envelopes.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak promised to residents of Ashkelon that the rocket attacks from Gaza won’t last forever if only the Jews are patient. Barak acknowledged that IDF’s targeted strikes on Gaza don’t prevent rocket attacks.

and Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Palestine before the Arab crowds commemorating the Naqba, Palestinian catastrophe of founding the Jewish state.

was the message during the state-controlled OMV company shareholder meeting. Austrian OMV runs a gas project in Iran in circumvention of the US and EU sanctions.
Does Israel, however, have an obligation to refrain from blowing the OMV offices in Vienna?

The US-propped Lebanese government rescinded its two symbolic measures taken against Hezbollah: demoting the security head of the Beirut airport (the major link in smuggling weapons from Tehran) and taking down Hezbollah’s TV station for incitement.
The week of civil unrest left only 82 Arabs killed in Lebanon.

Israeli Foreign Minsitry confirmed that a prime piece of real estate in Jerusalem, “A Russian Compound” will be abandoned to anti-Semitic Russia in 2-3 months. Russia bases its claim on the Jerusalem land on the century-old title by a long-extinct tsarist charity.
Jerusalem is full of Orthodox churches in the direct violation of the Torah ban on foreign worship in the Land of Israel.
Russia doesn’t even consider returning Jews thousands of the synagogues confiscated by communists.

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